10 things our family want to do in 2014

Last year was filled with fabulous moments, we stayed at the Lego land hotel, I won a MAD blog award and started 2 new blogs. Lisi learned to read really well and Frankie just blossomed into the most caring and thoughtful of boys. We visited London and Cornwall, made new friends and enjoyed our old friends. Frankie went on his first overnight away from home and Annalise acted in her first play.J visited old friends in Malaysia and developed his guitar playing.

But as life does  2013 also contained sad losses,goodbyes and ill health which has been quite a worry. Life is never perfect but it was on the whole a great year and we have some wonderful 2013 memories.We need some fun plans in place for this year to make it equally rich and exciting.

Here’s out little family list so far:

1) Camp out overseas

2) Visit our friends up in Scotland

3)  Raise £1000 for Water aid ( by car boots and sponsorship)

4) Visit the Tower Of London (we are all really excited about the idea of this and not one of us has ever been!) and also go on an open top London bus tour.

5) Spend a whole week at the beach doing very little (so good for the soul)

6)  Making our garden really lovely and full of bright flowers

7)  Use our bikes more and  stabilizers off for everyone!

8) Learn to cook more things from scratch and cook more together as a family

9) Visit Legoland discovery centre

10) Grow some of our own vegetables in the garden

It’s a tame list but a happy one and we have all had input into it. I’m going to take each idea in turn and find the most thrifty way to  meet our goals. Some will be money saving in themselves (such a s cook more form scratch). Some may rely on searching out budget options (train fares, activity passes, camp sites) and some may just require effort (bikes!)

The benefits of having a plan means I can start asking around now, seeking information, making bookings where possible and buying seeds.

Bring it on 2014.

We cannot wait!






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