3 Big Sources Of Heat Loss In Your Home

If you, like many families, are struggling with the rising costs of energy bills and are looking at easy yet effective ways to keep warm this winter, then you are in luck. This guest post compiles three of the most common places where heat is lost in your home, with some top tips to solve the problem.

The effectiveness of these solutions mean that you’ll be toasty for many winters to come – so get reading, and get ready to ditch the countless layers! 

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Insulate Your Roof And Attic

As heat rises, a lot of the energy that you have produced in your home will get lost in the roof or attic of your home. By insulating your roof you could make a huge saving on your energy bills with all of the heat that you would have lost. As 20% of a home’s heat is lost through the roof, this could work out to be a large amount of money that you could be saving year on year, too.

 By insulating the roof, all the heat that you have generated will stay exactly where you want it, in the living space of your home without you having to keep the heating on to retain a warm temperature throughout.


Replace Your Windows

 If your windows are looking a bit worse for wear or are letting in large amounts of cold air, most likely they are also letting out the warm air that you are paying a high price for! Single glazed windows are the worst for this as they are highly ineffective when it comes to ensuring this fundamental heat does not escape from your home. The average home loses up to 20% of heat through their windows, which is why it is essential to replace them if they have not been changed in a while.

 Double glazed windows are the best way to ensure that the heat generated in your home doesn’t escape through the cracks around the windows, as well as ensuring that you have no cold draughts blowing in. It is important that you find a trustworthy glazing company such as Samson Windows, who will ensure that the job is carried out to a high standard to avoid further issues.



Cold air and draughts are a common problem for those who have fireplaces in their home that are not sealed off, but also not used. Not only is cold air traveling down the chimney, but the warm air that has been heated by the energy you have paid for is traveling up the chimney, potentially costing you much more than you need to spend.

 One way to rid yourself of this problem is to use a chimney balloon which tightly seals the chimney off, stopping anything from going up or coming down the chimney. This could have a huge effect on your energy costs, potentially bring them down noticeably.

Although some of these solutions may seem slightly expensive, the long term savings are something you should consider; once the repayment period is over, you’ll be able to turn down your heating while still keeping cost, while the extra money you could be saving could be spent on other things.


This post was written by Ekta Mair for Samson Windows, who supply and high quality windows of all styles at affordable prices that won’t set you back too much.




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