3 brilliant new games for Christmas from Megableu

Do you remember last month I showed you two brilliant new games from Megableu that we have been reviewing Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt ? They were so much fun and  since then we have had 3 more brilliant games form Megableu to review.

Let me tell you about them.

First up we had Trickin Camel which was just so funny. You have to complete three games guessing game, memory game and speed game. make a mistake and the naughty Trickin Camel squirts you with water. So funny ! When you complete the camel’s challenges and win a bottle and sometimes he just chucks them out and you have to catch them. The winner is the person with the most bottles (and the least wet face!)


Next up we had Alien Mission

alien mission

This is such an exciting game …the idea is to destroy the aliens. You simply put on the googles, start up the gun and you are off. Aliens appear (in your goggles ) as you move about and you have to shoot them but oops if you hit a robot officer by accident you lose a point.

My kids thought this was great fun and they loved trying to save the world!


Last but not least was my favourite game of all Cobra Attack. This is definitely the one that has been played with the most too  ( I have played it several times all by myself!)

You have to sneek up on the snake basket and grab the emerald before the cobra senses you approaching. You get three chances but if you are detected for a third time the cobra will jump out of the basket scare you to bits and your turn is over.

cobra attack

Such a laugh and a real challenge to get the emerald ! Have a watch  ( can I just say I am sop sorry my kitchen is SUCH a tip but it really is more fun to play than to tidy …right?)


We have had so much funny playing these Megableu games. Lovely to spend time together having a laugh and challenging ourselves.

Tomorrow I will have a competition for you to win £150 worth of Megableu games, in fact all the ones I have reviewed. Don’t miss it!

All these toys are available at Argos, Smyths, Firebox, Toys R Us, Toy Master, Tobar, Debenhams and Amazon.



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