A Swedish Christmas Star

Every family has their own tradition during Christmas but nearly every home in Sweden has a Christmas Star shining in their window, in every window. It was originally a symbol for the guiding star but today it is the most popular Chrismas decoration because of it’s atmospheric lighting and lovely design.

I was absolutely delighted to be asked to review a lovely paper Christmas star from Jackie K. We have never had one of these before and oh they just look so beautiful.

Such a classy piece of Christmas lighting.


I chose the Beatrix star. I love its simplicity and the fact it could be hung


The star has a pattern of small holes and glitter which allow the light to sparkle through The star is delivered with a 5 m robust white cable with switch and a threaded E14 lamp holder with a locking ring.We need to be a low V candle bulb and an adapter plug (as it was a 2 pin plug)

Assembly took two of us and a teeny bit of sellotape and patience but look how spectacular it is…

I think it make s the room look cosy and festive. I am rathe rlike ting the paper stars tradition


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