3 Options When Trying To Post Something Cheaply

Post Something Cheaply

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If you want to send something larger than a letter things can get complicated. There is the weight of the item to consider, its dimensions, how quickly you want it delivered and whether to get insurance. All of which can turn into one massive headache when all you want to to is get item A to person B. Here are some pros and cons of using various postal and package delivery services.


Royal Mail

Populating post offices across the country, Royal Mail is nothing if not prolific. Perhaps not as common as they once were though, Royal Mail is still a popular choice for delivery. They are definitely the best choice for sending letters, but when it comes to anything bigger or heavier than a large letter you can start to see the expenses rise. However, they are easy. You can walk into your local post office and send almost any sized package. This is one of the major reason why you would choose to send a large heavy parcel through the post office rather than through a courier. There is also the added reputation that the post office ‘generally’ take care of the things they are delivering and make sure that they reach their destination safely. Something that certain courier services, looking at you MyHermes, have become notorious for failing to do



Speaking of couriers, they are sprung up in many different shapes and sizes. There are budget versions like MyHermes, but you can sometimes feel like you are rolling the dice or flipping a coin as to whether your parcel arrives safely. This is where purchasing insurance is important and almost necessary. This can drive up the price a little, but you will still make a saving opposed to sending via Royal Mail. Most couriers require you to drop off the package at a specific location (often a corner shop or other similar place), and from there they will be delivered to your chosen recipient. However, some allow you to pay a little extra (usually under a pound extra) to pick up the package from your home. This is great for heavy packages or if you don’t live within walking distance of a drop-off point. Couriers can generally handle heavier parcels than Royal Mail for a lower price, and each one is competing with the other, so by shopping around you can get the best deal.



There are other options though for sending a package. You could, in theory, drop it off yourself, but unless they live locally or you happen to be in the area, then this isn’t appropriate. There are services like Shiply, and they provide almost a bespoke delivery service that changes depending on what you specifically need to be shipped. They are especially brilliant if you need to move large items like wardrobes or sofas because Royal Mail and couriers won’t be able to handle items of this size or weight. Hopefully, services like this will grow in popularity and push Royal Mail and couriers to up their game and provide a better service to their customers.



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