3 popular misconceptions about orthopaedic mattresses

Today -misconceptions about orthopaedic mattresses

3 popular misconceptions about orthopaedic mattresses


1-       An orthopaedic mattress is always firm

For many years, people who suffered from back pain and morning aches were advised by doctors to sleep on a firm surface hence the common belief that an orthopedic mattress – because it offers better support for the back – has to be firm. It has since been proved that a firmer mattress wasn’t necessarily better at relieving lower back pain as shown by a study conducted by the British Medical Journal. It turns out that a hard mattress will create too much pressure on the shoulders and lower back which can worsen an existing back problem.

Whereas most orthopaedic mattresses will come in medium/firm, there are a large variety of different mattress firmnesses from medium and medium/firm through to firm and extra firm. It is recommended to go for the firmness that will best match your comfort preferences and evenly distribute pressure on your back.

2-      An orthopaedic mattress is always in memory foam

Memory foam is a material that reacts to pressure and moulds to the contour of your body which provides great support to every part on which pressure is exerted. While memory foam is an excellent material for orthopaedic mattress construction, it isn’t necessarily the only component. What makes a mattress orthopaedic is the fact that it features pressure-relieving qualities and is specifically designed to provide better support for people suffering from a bad back. This extra support can be provided by memory foam but also by other technologies such as latex or pocket springs.

Since all types of orthopaedic mattress have pressure relieving properties, the mattress you select to take care of your back problems will be the one that matches your comfort preferences best.


3-      An orthopaedic mattress is the most expensive mattress type

The price of your mattress will be determined by the quality of the materials used in its construction. Aws with any other type of mattress, you will find cheaper and more expensive orthopedic mattresses. You might also find that the most expensive mattress isn’t necessarily the best fit for you and that spending more money may not guarantee you will find the perfect mattress for your back.


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