Bedroom makeovers on a budget

Today – Bedroom makeovers on a budget

bedroom makeovers on a budget

I love new bed linen, don’t you?

There is something just divine about sliding between new sheets and seeing a bed dressed up well.
I like all sorts of bed linen and I would have many, many sets if I could afford it. I’m not bothered about it being expensive though I do like it to be good quality. I like it to look fresh and pretty and classic too; bold, dramatic, sexy or vibrant bed linen is not my thing.

Since we have been doing up the house on budget I have begun to realise that you don’t necessarily need to do things like purchase new beds and new wardrobes to transform a bedroom but a good clean and declutter, fresh paint and a few new features can make all the difference.


Bedroom makeovers on a budget

I think new bed linen would really transform and enable us to complete our bedroom makeovers on a budget

My daughter is a huge butterfly fan and has a butterfly wall light already. Her Peppa pig duvet is sadly outgrown and is more toddler than a young girl. I think this duvet cover would make all the difference to her room.

Isn’t it lovely and it is only £14.99 . Duvet cover sets at the Yorkshire linen co. really are great value and at the moment there is a big sale on so it is well worth a browse.

My son would love their Angry birds duvet but through 8 years experience I now know he has fickle allegiances to characters so I am much more likely to buy him a set with footballs on instead. It may stay in favour a bit longer!

When my kids have wanted character bedding, because it tends to cost a bit more, I have often encouraged them to ask for it as a birthday or Christmas gift. After all they need 2 sets each!

Other simple changes I think that can easily make a difference in a bedroom include lighting…just a simple little light on a nightstand can really add warmth to a room. As can a favourite blanket lain at the end of a bed.

Updating curtains can also make a difference to a room and change its entire atmosphere. Or how about changing the knobs on a chest of drawers. I think glass knobs can make an elegant statement and decorative knobs can make an old wooden chest of drawers look really stylish

Whether its a fresh duvet, lighting or updated cupboards  small changes can have huge impact.




Bedroom makeovers on a budget post is endorsed by The Yorkshire Linen Co. You mihg talso like my post on how to make the most money form decluttering



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