4 Bathroom Modernisation Tips on a Budget

Bathroom Modernisation Tips on a Budget

Bathroom Modernisation Tips on a Budget

Are you looking for bathroom modernisation tips on a budget?

I have some exciting developments in my home makeover to share with you

My husband  saw Victoria Plumb advertising on the TV and shouted  ‘come and see these gorgeous bathroom ideas they are such good value!’ I totally agreed. Victoria Plumb supply lovely bathroom suites and accessories. I had a look on the internet and thought they were a perfect fit with our home makeover on a budget. I approached them and showed them all we have achieved so far and hurray! they were happy to come on board.

Together with Victoria Plumb I will be showing you how a bathroom can be transformed  without being totally replaced.

In this handy guest post from Victoria Plumb  they are sharing some fabulous advice with us about  contemporary bathrooms and showcasing some of the products that will be part of my makeover. How  exciting!! Over to Victoria Plumb……

A contemporary bathroom can be far more than just a functional space in your home. The bathroom can be the main space in your home to relax and de-stress so it’s worth considering a face-lift design that affects both its appearance and its feel. A Victoria Plumb contemporary bathroom suite is a good choice for those trying to break the mould, being bold is increasingly simple and with the massive amount of styles and fittings available.


Modern Bathroom Designs

 Planning a bathroom for today’s ultra-modern style means that minimalist clean lines and modern fittings are a necessary to compliment a bold bathroom decor.

Modern materials with thin clean lines are included in products available at Victoria Plumb to build an ultra-modern style that is completely unique and unquestionably bold.

Also you can modernise your bathroom in an affordable way and we’ve estimated that you could modernise your bathroom at as little as £300.


Four Ultra-Modern Bathroom Finishes

Whatever your particular taste, it is best to start with one overall big idea when designing your bathroom.

One approach which is currently proving popular is to make your bathroom into a spa like retreat with a deep bath, a walk in shower or just a wet room with a stunning shower centre piece.

Tap into the designer look

Replacing taps can instantly update sinks and baths without the need for a total change.


  1. Brighten up Bathroom Accessories

Cabinets with  mirrors like this one for £69 are a perfect way to brighten up a bathroom and add useful storage

  1. Showering in style

Modernising the shower over the bath couldn’t be easier by just adding a new chrome fixed showerhead or riser kit from £119, which create a stunning bathroom centre piece to complete those new taps.



  1. Clear the way for a new glass bath screen

Or you can consider replacing those dated shower curtains with a simple modern glass bath screen at £79.


Essential Touches for that Bathroom Statement

 Your choice of bath, shower and taps for both basins and baths can add the finishing touch to an ultra-contemporary room. Sleek and modern square-edged finishes and ultra-modern open designs with waterfall taps are the perfect way to make a bold statement.

Any items you need above what we’ve highlighted could be considered over time as you decide on the look you need which ranges from Bathroom Furniture, Flooring, Tiling and Lighting.

Whatever your needs I think we’ve shown that Victoria Plumb offers luxury bathroom items at affordable prices especially because you’re sure to find the product range extensive enough to cover every style choice or preference.


I hope these boathroom modernisation tips on a budget have proved useful


The makeover will be starting soon, I can’t wait!




  1. May 20, 2013 / 15:19

    We’re excited about working with you on this project and we’re looking forward to the final look. We’re really pleased about the opportunity to show that a bathroom makeover doesn’t have to cost the reported average of £3000.

  2. May 20, 2013 / 21:10

    Can’t wait to see what you do with it, love the bold statements, but so simple too!

  3. November 17, 2017 / 14:59

    Looking forward to seeing the photos of your bathroom! Just enjoy the whole duration of your bathroom renovation and have fun while doing it. Thanks for the tips and ideas you shared.

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