4 Tips for Getting Your Garden Ready for the Northern Irish Summer


It can be easy to think the weather here in Northern Ireland is always cold, windy, and rainy. While we certainly get our fair share of bad weather, the summers can often bring lots of heat and sunshine, which means it’s important we are best prepared when the warmer months come.

The summer means many of us will spend more time in our gardens. However, there are important steps you should take ahead of time to ensure your garden is ready for the warmer weather and the increased traffic it will see. Read on to find out more.


Get Some New Garden Furniture

If you want to entertain guests in your garden, you’re going to need garden furniture. However, if you’ve left your current furniture outside and exposed to the elements all winter, it might not be in the best of conditions.

Visit a builders merchants Northern Ireland to get yourself some brand-new garden furniture. Get yourself a nice new table, some chairs, or a bench. This way, your garden will be looking its best in time for the summer.


Mow the Lawn

Getting your garden ready for summer is all about giving it a makeover, and there’s no better way to get started than by mowing your lawn. Think of it like giving your garden a haircut, it will look smarter and tidier and allow all of its best features to shine through.

Make sure the grass is perfectly dry before you start. Mow up and down in straight, orderly lines to create that freshly-cut visual effect. Once your day, step back and admire your immaculate garden.


Get Rid of the Weeds

It can be all too easy to neglect our garden during the colder and wetter months. Unfortunately, weeds will quickly take advantage of this, and before you know it your garden could be completely overrun.

Nobody enjoys weeding, but getting rid of invasive plants is one of the most important steps when getting your garden ready for summer. Make sure to remove weeds from pathways and patios as well as from your flowerbeds and lawn borders.

Not only will removing weeds make your garden look better, but it will also allow the plants you want to keep growing and stay healthy.


Paint the Fence

Garden fences offer us privacy and security, but there’s nothing to say they can’t look good at the same time. The perfect way to get your garden ready for summer is to give your fence a fresh lick of paint. You can choose any colour you want. White is usually the most popular, but you could always experiment with other colours, such as blue or green as well.

This is also the perfect opportunity to apply treatment to your fence. Special treatment products can help protect your fence against degradation, such as rot, mould, or rust.

Get some new garden furniture, mow your lawn, give your space a thorough weeding, and paint and treat your fence to get your garden ready and looking its best for the Northern Irish summer.



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