5 Best Winter Destinations for that All Needed Family Holiday

Today – 5 Best Winter Destinations for that All Needed Family Holiday

Winter can be a wonderful time of year full of cosy nights in front of the fire, festive cheer and energising walks in the crisp, fresh air. The kids love it, and they always feel that little bit of magic around this time.

But it’s also true that long nights, demanding workloads and de-icing the car every single morning can get you down. It’s time to change up that monotonous winter schedule. While it’s our winter, there’s a world out there waiting to be explored, with infinite thrills and surprises for people of all ages, wants and needs.

5 Best Winter Destinations for that All Needed Family Holiday

5 Best Winter Destinations for that All Needed Family Holiday

Here are some of the best winter escapes that you can take the family on for that all-needed getaway.


Cape Town – South Africa

Winter months in the UK coincide with the South African summer. Expect hot, cloudless days and long daytime hours giving you ample opportunity to discover every delight on offer.

Cape Town is famed for its ineffable scenery. Table Mountain and Lion’s Head have world-renowned views and with easy and varied ways of accessing them both, they are ideal places for families and a standout place for a group photo. Educate the children in history with a trip to Robben Island, or inspire an appreciation of the natural world at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Visit Boulders Beach for up-close viewing of penguins or visit a cheetah outreach centre to spot some of the country’s best-known animals.

Although crowds will be larger during the South African summer, there is good reason for this, and a family safari trip to South Africa will not disappoint.


Cancun – Mexico 

Cancún’s dry season starting in December means you can escape to a tropical climate with high hopes of sun, sun and sun!

Treat the kids and cool off at Ventura Park, which features six different worlds, the major waterslide in the region and an abundance of other activities including go-karting, ziplining and swimming with dolphins.

Immerse yourselves in the rich and fascinating history of the Mayans with a visit to El Rey ruins, or taste more modern local life with a visit to Parque Las Palpas, a public area where you can catch live bands, cheap, delicious snacks and observe a stunning sunset.

Visit Plaza Las Americas where the children will love scooting around on ‘zooriders’ if shopping is your thing, or take a whole day catamaran tour where the whole family can snorkel in some of the finest waters in the world.

One small downside to Cancún is its traffic. If you can book a hotel central to many of the activities you are going to choose, this will help. It is also a great idea to pre-book a transfer to Cancún airport, from your hotel, leaving you certain of a comfortable, stress-free arrival and departure.



Ontario – Canada 

Home of the world-famous Niagra Falls, Ontario is a real winter wonderland to escape to. A very diverse place, it contains an astonishing 250,000 freshwater lakes.

Toronto Zoo is a fantastic day out for all the family. With over 460 species of animals, it is one of the largest in the world and has designated children’s zones and interactive activities. Farms are also a common attraction in Ontario, each with an exciting opportunity for children such as pony rides, animal petting or a maze.

Indoor waterparks and amusement centres are plentiful. Treat the children with a visit one day, then give them an educational experience they’ll never forget with a hands-on trip to Sudbury’s twin science centres the next. Spend some time in ‘cottage country’ and live like locals, embracing the culture and sitting in great peace in front of a blazing fire.


Goa – India

Not necessarily the first destination to come to mind when planning a family holiday, India can be the perfect destination for families looking to travel. Goa, in particular, offers experiences that simply won’t be found elsewhere.

Some people consider India to be a sensory overload, but it can be an awesome cultural introduction and great lesson for children, immersing them into a whole new world. Beaches are perfect for children to play in the sand and paddle in the waters.

Boat trips on local rivers, visits to wildlife sanctuaries, tours of spice farms and days out to the market make Goa a special and diverse place to visit and an attraction for the whole family.

Goa is a destination that will open the eyes of children and adults alike and provide your family with holiday tales unrivalled by most.

Marrakesh – Morroco 

Morocco’s family-oriented culture makes Marrakesh a terrific unusual family holiday destination. During the winter months, Marrakesh’s weather is cooler and therefore more comfortable.

Cooking classes and language lessons are all open to children and a great way for the whole family to indulge in the country. Hot air balloon rides skip the crowds and provide sensational views and memories, while camel rides and food tours accommodate children and adults of most ages.

Marrakesh’s major attractions, such as the markets, are accessible and a phenomenal cultural treat for all. Animal refuge centres are common, and there are countless places to see the works of talented street artists around the city.



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