5 frugal choices I made this week

Hi and welcome back to 5 frugal things I have been a bit remiss lately!

frugal choices

Here are 5 frugal choices I made this week instead of 5 frugal things…

  1. I didn’t book a last minute holiday even though I REALLY wanted to because we want to move house and awe need the money!
  2. I didn’t turn down small fee paying work because…see above
  3. I didn’t sleep much as I want to earn well this summer AND be with my kids and something has to give!
  4. I didn’t bow into demand and get an icecream every time the icecream van stopped by instead I stocked up the freezer with cheap choc ices!
  5. I didn’t but all the clothes and shoes I spent an hour putting in a shopping basket at Jules despite the great sale because …see 1 above

I am proud of my thrifty choices. How has your week been?

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  1. August 18, 2017 / 10:31

    I love this! You’ve got a goal and all your frugal choices are pointing towards it, well done!

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