5 frugal things – choosing thrifty

It is birthday time in my home and school trip payments to be made and tennis membership to be renewed and so on and so on.

I seem to be leaking money from every pore.

Do you have times like this.

To counterattack the panic that rises in me at these times (oh the perils of being self-employed!) I try to pull back where I can. So this week I have been making thrifty choices

  1. I ran out of bread on Saturday but I had decided to have a no spend day so you know what? We just did without. I had tortillas so I whipped up quesadillas and no one even noticed there was no bread. Sometimes I think I just buy it out of habit you know? ( you can see the quesadillas recipe I use here

choosing thrifty

I said no to dinner out with friends and postponed it to next month when money would not be so tight

I cleaned up an old pair of white pumps by washing them with whitening agent powder (rather than replacing them)

I plan to make a simple cake for my daughter and decorate it with choc fingers and smarties myself to save a few pounds ( she will love that it is homemade!)

I also listed something I won straight on eBay as I don’t need it and I want to replace some money back into my savings.

So there you go – an expensive week but one balanced by thrifty choices.


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So, tell me about your thrifty week…was it a good ‘un?


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  1. June 15, 2018 / 21:34

    I’ve been paying out for birthdays too this month. I spread the cost over the year the same way I do for Christmas. That way I’m not spending this month’s money on all the presents.
    I agree with the bread thing, I definitely buy stuff out of habit! Bread seems to be the obvious thing but lots of things we “have to have” but would hardly notice if they were missing!
    And well done on your competition win!

  2. June 16, 2018 / 12:18

    I bought two cake mixed, lemon juice, and frosting for four dollars plus the cost of eggs, oil, and butter, and made a pan of frosted lemon and a pan of unfrosted broenies for friends daughters graduation party. I got 48 bars from the pans-simple, cheap, tasty and helped my friend feed the masses. Cake mixes might not be as good or economical as scratch but in a pinch are so versatile.

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