Adding value to your home by improving the entrance

There are some things that add value to your home immediately and that are well worth attending to. People tend to automatically think about renovations and extensions and often neglect what to me is the most obvious thing to update if you are trying to impress with your home.

The entrance.

Having a lovely entrance to your home is a sure fire way to make an awesome first impression and consequently, it is a great space and place to spruce up.


Parking is always a premium concern for potential buyers and it can add real value to your home if you can maximise this.  If you do not have a permit or indeed live on a private road, there is nothing that legally states that the parking space outside your house is yours. But legally you do have some rights for example if someone is blocking your driveway or their wheel is over the dropped kerb to your house. So absolutely get that kerb dropped and make your driveway accessible and useable. It is worth losing front lawn for!




Having a spectacular entrance will help raise the value of your home.

When it comes to entrance doors Pirnar is a brand that really stands out. They make luxury entrance doors that are handcrafted from the best materials in a long family tradition. As well as being artisan and of wonderful quality, they are entirely modern and cutting edge. Pirnar  make the kind of doors you would really want to show off!

As well as liking homes to look stylish and modern prospective buyers will also want to know that good materials and craftsmanship have been involved in the construction of your home. You can impress them straight away with a door like this!  And as we all know the first impression really does count.



But looks are not everything.

Comfort and convenience are also qualities that people really want when they come to buying a home. Imagine a door that doesn’t need a key to open it but that instead relies on fingerprints or even face recognition ( yes you read that right – face recognition!) Pirnar are introducing new doors this year that open by face recognition alone. How very cool is that! You can have a look here to find out more about Theatrica. Not only would that bring the wow factor it would also say to people hey wouldn’t it be easy to live here? No more lost keys to contend with!




Do windows make the same kind of first impression as a door? I don’t think they do personally – we don’t stand at a window waiting for a homeowner to open it do we and really do regular visitors give windows more than a passing glance? However, a prospective buyer will most certainly assess the windows in your home and they will be looking for some key things.

Prosective buyers would require windows to be in keeping with the rest of your home. So old fashioned sash windows would jar with a  modern door and funky blinds. Your style needs to be cohesive and your windows need to mirror the rest of the front of your home.  Windows also need to be secure and safe and well glazed so they conserve energy and protect against the elements. They also need to be big, light and bright. And very clean!

Window furnishings also need to reflect the style of a home. A house with a Mediterranean vibe may benefit from large white shutters, a country cottage from beautiful floral curtains and a modern contemporary home from sleek blinds.  By putting together a cohesive look  from the outside  your home looks more expensive and more ‘designed’ and the initial first impression will be excellent


Look with fresh eyes

How is your brickwork, roofing, paintwork, guttering, etc? Are they ship shape, working well and looking good? All need to look in really good order and are well worth paying attention to.

Try this.

Drive up to your front door and pretend you are a stranger. Have a little notebook on you. Note down every positive and every negative you see as you get out the car and look at your home from the front. Sometimes we just need fresh eyes.

Later, sit with a coffee and read your notes though. Is there anything at all you can do about the problems? If so, make yourself an action plan. Sometimes tiny, inexpensive tweaks can make a big difference when it comes to property. Your front of house needs to look in great shape to get a prospective buyer even through that front door. Do everything you can to make it fabulous. You will totally be adding to the value and saleability of your home.


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