An Insured Family is a Secure Family

Guest post – An Insured Family is a Secure Family

When you were younger and didn’t have family responsibilities, insurance was probably the last thing on your mind. Now all that has changed and making sure that your family is secure financially is a number one priority. There are many forms of insurance that are imperative to making sure that your family is covered.

From home insurance through to health insurance, you may also find that some companies will cover you for more than just one area. Insurance companies, such as Swiftcover, offer a variety of insurance options. Here are some that you simply cannot miss having.


Health Insurance – An Insured Family is a Secure Family

No one wants to consider the possibility of becoming ill or having a serious accident, but this does happen and when it does you want to make sure your whole family will be financially secure. Health insurance can cover all sorts of eventualities, from minor surgeries to treatment for illness and with the current healthcare bills so high, it is important that your family don’t have to pay extra especially for long term care.

It is important to remember that when you take out health insurance, they will usually not cover you for pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, which is why it is so important to take out health insurance before you get ill. It is worth checking if you can name others on your health insurance policy, the more people that can be covered the better, especially if you have a large family.

Life Insurance

Before you got married or started your family, life insurance was presumably the least of your worries and it is still a subject that many of us don’t want to face, but it is 100% necessary to making sure your family are cared for. As with other forms of insurance, life insurance covers a variety of essential financial issues that can arise when a loved one has passed away. The majority of people only use their life insurance to cover the cost of lost earnings, however you should also look at your other assets such as your equity, so that you can get the right level of cover to support your family if the worst was to happen.

Building and Contents Insurance

If you own a home, building and contents insurance may be the most important on this list of insurance coverage.  Without it, you could be left with the cost of rebuilding your family’s home. Like many forms of coverage, buildings and contents insuranceis not to be missed. The most important thing to remember is to insure your building for the total rebuild cost and not simply for the amount of your mortgage. Imagine if the worst was to happen and your home was destroyed, not pleasant I know, but if you didn’t have adequate insurance to cover the total rebuild than you would be in a very difficult financial position.

Making sure that you also have your contents insured under this policy is always a best practice. In general, contents insurance will cover you in the case of fire, flood, theft or accidental damage to the contents within your property. Usually your contents insurance will cover your furniture, electronics and white goods such as your washing machine. In order to get the best coverage for your home and contents, it is advisable to get a variety of home insurance quotes.

Auto Insurance

Whether you need to have the car for the school run or for your work, you need to make sure that you are covered for repairs, breakdown assistance and in the event of an accident. If you rely on your vehicle for any reason then you need to have the right coverage. If you have a second hand vehicle then it is worth noting that your insurance will generally be cheaper than a brand new vehicle.




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