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Home Furnishing Hacks




Home Furnishing Hacks


We all want a house that looks amazing – or at least, one that you’ll be proud to invite friends and family over to see. Unfortunately, stunning home interior design doesn’t come cheaply, but luckily, there are various home furnishing hacks you can use that don’t cost a fortune.


Use marble contact paper on furniture

Wish you could afford sturdy statement furniture instead of something flimsy and lightweight? Here’s a surprising hack that can turn any piece of furniture into an impressive unit.


Marble contact paper is simple to laminate, but it gives off a graphite effect instead. Your first step should be to buy furniture online at an affordable price, then you just apply the adhesive to your drawers, dining table, or whatever else you can think of. Voila, you’ll have a brand new piece. The paper is really cheap but looks fantastic.



Paint your furniture

If the idea of marble contact paper sounds too complicated, you could consider painting your furniture instead.


Whether you’d like to cover up some scratches and marks or you want to give a room an entirely new vibe and colour scheme, paint could be your new best friend.


Or maybe you’re a natural-born artist and want to try your hand at upcycling furniture yourself. Even the tackiest, cheapest furniture items can look incredible when hand-painted with unique designs.



Make use of tight spaces

You might complain about how little space you have in your house, but it’s almost a guarantee that you have areas you’re not using.


Hallways and corners are both primary culprits. If you find any space you’re not using, make sure to fill it. You could either opt for an ornamental item, like a plant, or a storage unit.


Although filling up every inch of your house with clutter isn’t necessarily good for aesthetics. It’s better to use ‘dead spaces’ like corners for storage than more central parts of the home.


Even people with some of the tiniest homes around probably have a small amount of free space, so letting it go to waste is not a smart move.


Focus on good lighting for great home furnishing hacks

Most people don’t realise quite how significant lighting is – it can make or break a room. If you’re used to living with dim, poor-quality lighting, you might be surprised at how big a difference upgrading can make.


In an ideal world, we’d all live in houses with tons of natural light entering through huge glass windows. However, just having big, bright lighting fixtures throughout your house will give off an uplifting feel.


There’s also a huge difference between bright white lights and warm yellow lights. Although yellow lights can help make a room feel cosy in the evenings, it’s also much more dinghy. Simply switching your light bulb could make all the difference.


Home Furnishing Hacks


Use mirrors to make your rooms look larger

Okay, this one isn’t exactly a money-saving hack – but it can make tiny, small places look larger. That way, you don’t need to fork out on a house that’s actually expensive!


Filling a room you wish was bigger with mirrors is a great way to make it seem brighter and bigger. You might have heard this before and feel sceptical about it, but it really works.


You can try this with a selection of diverse mirrors – circles, squares, rectangles, or whatever else you can find. For the full effect, try hanging the mirrors opposite a window, making it seem like there’s another mirror.

It’s true – you can have a home fitting of an interior designer without breaking the bank. It just requires a little time and creativity. Hopefully, you’ll now see your home in a new light, with windows of opportunity in every nook and cranny.


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