Bedding Checklist for Your New Bedroom

Bedding Checklist for  new bedroom

Having a comfortable and cosy bed is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep; nothing beats the feeling of diving under a thick, soft duvet after a long day. Buying new bedding can make or break your bedroom aesthetic, and could be the difference between a bad night’s sleep or not being able to wait for bedtime! However, there’s so much more to it than just throwing on a couple of pillows and a duvet; with so much choice and so many different designs, how do you know what will suit your sleep habits best?


Bedding Checklist

So, if you’re on the lookout for new bedding and aren’t sure where to start, here is a bedding checklist guide to make sure you have the comfiest bed possible!

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Pillows and duvet

The integral part of your bed, pillows and duvets have to be just right if you’re hoping to drift off to sleep easily. If your duvet is too heavy, or your pillows are too firm, you will no doubt struggle to get comfortable and your sleep experience will be disturbed somewhat. So, do your research!

The type of pillow you choose is a matter of personal preference, and with so many to choose from, you might want to understand your needs before you buy anything. For example, if you suffer from neck or back pain, you may require a pillow that specialises in spinal alignment. Likewise, if you suffer from allergies due to dust mites or bacteria, anti allergy pillows are an ideal solution to ensure your bed remains hygienic.

Many pillows will have breathable properties to allow moisture and heat to escape throughout the night while you sleep soundly, while others will have a quilted top for a more luxurious, comfortable feel.

Duvets are similar in that there are many different kinds. Choose from synthetic or natural fillings, including hollowfibre, pure wool and duck feather. The most important choice when buying a new duvet is finding the right tog rating for your needs.

Tog ratings between 3 and 4.5 are lightweight and perfect for those hot summer nights, while 12 to 13.5 are warm winter duvets. Tog ratings between 7 and 10.5 are middleweight, and often perfect choices for the spring and autumn seasons. Most households will own both a summer and winter duvet, changing them when the weather changes!

Mattress topper

Many of us will choose to add a mattress topper, but for different reasons. They are commonly used as another layer to protect your mattress, but that isn’t necessarily their primary purpose.

Mattress toppers will add longevity to your mattress as they will take away any bacteria or perspiration before it gets to the mattress layer. However, toppers are used to make your bed even more comfortable!

Mattress toppers add a soft, comfy layer to your bed as well as your quality mattress; creating extra bounce and cushioning while you sleep, it simply enhances your sleep. It’s definitely a helpful addition to your bedding; after all, who’s going to say no to more comfort?

Electric blanket

Thanks to living in the UK, we are often hit with chilly weather all year round, especially at night. While throws and blankets can help, why not go a step further and add an electric blanket to your list? Better than a hot water bottle, you can guarantee that your bed will be snug and warm by the time you want to get in.

Electric blankets fit under the bottom sheet of your bed, providing a layer of comfort as well as warmth. Modern technology means they are no longer such a big hazard too, so you can rest easily.

Advanced electric blankets are now equipped with overheat sensors so they are safe for use throughout the night, and ultra-thin wires mean you can’t feel anything under the sheet. Variable settings for the temperature are also available on a lot of models.

So, once you’ve got the basics of your bedding sorted, there’s only one thing left to do; start shopping for your favourite bedding sheets!



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    Very interesting please add some info about bedroom plants also your readers will enjoy it. These kind of plants also very helpful for better sleep. By the way thanks for the effort I really enjoyed.

  2. October 21, 2018 / 16:55

    Thanks for the list. I also wanted to mention that you can combine the duvet cover and the electric blanket to give yourself some added designs to change things up.

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