Beets Blu Wireless Smart Scale Review

Beets Blu Wireless Smart Scale Review.

I know I need to take my health in hand and recently I was bought a fitbit which has motivated me to walk more.

Technology cannot replace exercise but it can be a great assistance.

Have you ever tried a wireless smart scale?



Beets Blu Wireless Smart Scale Review

I have to admit I was a bit nervous I really was but pretty keen to to try the Beets Blu Wireless Smart Scale (£49.95) This scale shows full body composition and BMI something regular scales just can’t achieve and hydration levels

Blimey! ( I did know it wasn’t going to be the best of news) but I knew it was important to do and to start taking my health in check.  All I had to get it working was pop in the batteries and download the app, It really took no time at all.

Using the scales you can track not only weight, but also measurements such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and lean body tissue. All  the measurements instantly upload to your phone and you can track your progress over time to becoming healthier.

I am not particularly great with technology, despite being a blogger and yet I set this up really easily and they results were straight in.

Yikes. That’s me on a focussed healthy eating plan then!

You can find more information on this device at our Beets Blu website.

This works n both apple and android devices.



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