Best DIY Playing Card Making Ideas

Who does not love DIY projects? The sensation of making something on your own and using it is incomparable. Do you know what would double up this feeling of sensation? Having a playing card set with your very own design! Compared to other DIY projects, DIY playing cards are very cheap to make. There are many ways of making them with various designs. Both of them are very easy and simple.

Playing cards are not only for casinos or gambling. You can play various types of games with playing cards. And yes, you can play poker or any other casino games at home with playing cards. You might not get the satisfaction of playing at casino where you can place bets, but make best use of whatever you have in hand.

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Making DIY Playing Cards from Scratch

Let’s begin with how to make DIY playing cards from scratch. There are two ways for it. One involves the use of a computer; the other requires your creative hand art skills.

With the computer approach, you need to have Graphics and illustration skills. Open Adobe Illustrator. Design some pattern or scratch of your design. We would recommend 5 or less. Because, if you put different patterns on each card, it will give away the card values while playing.

You can either design it in the same width and height as the traditional cards or you can design one big pattern and crop it in different parts to create small unique patterns. That way, one single pattern will do. Now print them. Remember, only select 5 or fewer patterns to print. Repeat them 52 times. Now you will need a deck of cards.

Open them up and use adhesive to attach the printed patterns on the back of each card. If you want, you can design your desired patterns on your smartphones and use cloud printing for printing them.

Now let’s look at the approach that requires no digital equipment, just your hand art skills. Warning, you will have to be very patient for this one. This approach requires you to draw your patterns or sketch (5 or less) 52 times.

The rest is the same, using adhesive to attach them behind the back of the cards. If you want to push it way further, then you can ditch the traditional cards and draw the font of each card with your creative design. This can also be done with the computer approach.

One way to make this hand-drawn card-making process easy is to make 5 unique designs by hand and upload them to a printer to print them 52 times on repeat. But it will take away that handmade feeling from the cards.


Making DIY Playing Cards with Photos

If you are a photographer and want to show off your photography with your playing cards, then follow this method. Choose 5 or fewer photos. Pick your best ones. Then print them. Attach them to the back of the cards with adhesives and done.

There is one thing you should consider. That is to choose vertical photos. Playing cards, let it be UNO, Poker, or any new card game you have invented, are held vertically. So if you pick a landscape photo to attach behind your cards, it will look weird and out of place. So, it’s better to pick vertical photos/ portraits.

Also, make sure to crop them properly. Don’t crop out the main focus of your photos. For example, you have clicked a beautiful photo of a lighthouse near the ocean. While cropping the photo for the card, keep the lighthouse in the center.

If the lighthouse is too long, crop the bottom of the lighthouse, not the top. Take these basic instructions and add the photos to the back of each card using paper adhesives. Other kinds of adhesives will ruin the photo and the card.


Making DIY Playing Cards with Quotes

Quotes are now a trendy choice of design. People are using quotes of famous persons or sayings and verses of holy books. They use it as captions of their photos on Instagram or Facebook. Now some people print quotes on their smartphone cover/case. You can use them on your DIY playing card project. But remember only to pick 5 or fewer quotes.

If you make every 52 cards unique with different quotes, the other players may memorize the number values of each card and it will no longer be a fair and enjoyable game to play with these cards. So select only 5 or fewer of your favorite quotes.

Now another thing to consider is the dimension of the card. Make sure to write the quotes properly in the same dimension of the cards. Otherwise, some words may get cropped out and the quote will be incomplete. Print those 5 quotes on repeat and use adhesive to attach them at the back of each playing card. There, you will have your very own set of unique DIY playing cards.

So these are the best DIY ideas we have for you to help you in making your DIY playing cards. Now get your hands busy and make them.





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