Cheap Children’s Activities in the Lake District: Saving Money Without Compromising on Experience

Children’s Activities in the Lake District

While rising consumer confidence may be encouraging more British residents to travel abroad for their summer holidays, the Lake District remains an extremely popular destination for young families. Not only is this a relatively cost-effective option, but it also exposes youngsters to a host of outdoor activities that will stimulate them both mentally and physically. In fact, with so many child friendly activities available, it can be difficult for parents to create a satisfactory itinerary during their stay.

Children's Activities in the Lake District 

3 Cheap Children’s Activities in the Lake District

With this in mind, what are the most affordable and enjoyable children’s activities currently accessible at the Lake District? Consider the following: –


Cycling in Whinlatter Forest: Given its diverse terrain, the Lake District is an ideal location for cyclists regardless of their age or experience. If you have young children who are relatively confident cyclists, however, Whinlatter Forest is the best resort primarily because it features different trails to suit variable needs. While the 8 kilometre Quercus Trail traverse the lower and more accessible section of the forest, for example, the Altura Trail scales challenging mountainous landscape.


Lucy Cooks Cookery School in Staveley: If you want your children to enjoy an exciting experience that also teaches them a viable life skill, a visit to Lucy Cooks Cookery School in Staveley is ideal. Not only is it relatively affordable, but there are various classes available to suit a wide range of preferences. More specifically, families can either indulge in classes where they all participate and work together or invest in those where children operate independently and showcase their creativity in a relaxed environment.


Orienteering in Grizedale Forest: Located in the picturesque region of Hawkshead and a common feature of most Lake District holidays, orienteering in Grizedale Forest is an activity ideal for adventurous or curious children. Known locally as a ‘thought spot’, the forest provides a challenging terrain where families must work together in order to navigate challenges and identify viable clues in the quest to achieve their specific goals. With orienteering maps available for as little as £1.50 and a choice of 7 potential routes, this represents a cheap and fun-filled way to spend a day on the Lakes.










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