Cool Things to Do With Teens in Manhattan

NYC can be a land of adventure. There are so many things that you can see and do, wasting any time in your hotel is a poor way to spend your NYC vacation. If your taking teens to Manhattan, it is time that you learned what the most popular sites are and what activities will be the biggest hit. It can always be a little overwhelming at first when you are planning a Manhattan trip because there are so many options, but these are the coolest things teens will want to do while in town for a short while.

Here are some of the coolest things to do with teens in Manhattan:


Things to Do With Teens in Manhattan


Hip Hop Tours

Most teens are obsessed with music and are huge fans of hip hop. This means that most of them would be incredibly excited to go on a hip hop tour that takes them to the center of where hip hop was born. This is a tour that takes guests through many streets in Brooklyn, Harlem and the Bronx. People on the tour will learn more about how hip hop got started and why it is such a NYC thing. It is a really cool option and most teens are excited to take in this tour while in Manhattan.


Central Park Pedicab

One of the things that you just can’t miss out on when you are in NYC for any length of time is Central Park. This is a spot that teens will love because there is so much to do just in the park alone. This is why Gossip Girl Pedicab Tour is such a fun option for teen groups that are in the city. This means that you can have both comfort and style when you are touring the park. This park is a lot bigger than you might expect, which means that a pedicab is really the only way that you want to tour it. The best part is that you have the ability to customize the tour to meet your preferences. This means that the length of the tour is all up to you. Teens that are in NYC are sure to love a pedicab tour through Central Park that takes them to all the hot spots. There are many budget hotels near Central Park!


Harbor Line

Who doesn’t love the water? Almost all teens will be amazed by the beautiful views that you have the ability to take in when you go on the harbor line while in NYC. It seats 49 passengers and it is driven by an experienced crew that will help you take in all of the great views. One of the things that will stand out most is Lady Liberty. This is something that you need to do at least once while you are in NYC. The views alone are stunning and well worth the trip. Teens will be speechless while on the harbor line due to the amount of beauty that they will be taking in with their eyes. This is an activity that all will be excited about.


Blue Man Group

Taking in a show is always some sort of right of passage while in NYC, but most broadway shows will break the bank and are not always the best option for teens. This means that while you are in Manhattan, it is a good idea to take in an alternative that is a lot more affordable. Blue Man Group is just that. This is a show that is fun and exciting for all ages. This is high energy show that you can really get into and it can be the perfect show without having to spend a ton of money while in Manhattan. It is always a good idea to look for bargain options.


Trapeze School

If you are taking teens to Manhattan that are looking for a thrill, it might be a good idea to give trapeze school a try. This is an activity that is becoming really popular in the city and it is so different from anything most teens have done before. If safety is a major concern, it does not have to be because this school makes sure that all participants wear the right gear and are completely safe at all times.



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