Cut down on what your spending on food and watch your savings grow

Cut down on what your spending on food


Cut down on what your spending on food and watch your savings grow

One of the most common ways that we all spend more than we need to is on food! Whether it’s the weekly groceries, eating out, ordering in or simply indulging a little too much, we all spend so much on filling our bellies!

Similarly, we all have something we’re saving for! Whether it’s a holiday, new car, house deposit or to clear some debt, we can all take the opportunity to save some money on our food bills and add that to our savings!

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Stop buying your work lunch

One area which can save us all a lot of money is by cutting down what we are spending on our work lunch. The average meal deal (sandwich, drink, crisps) costs £3.50 – if you bought one every workday of the year you’d be spending over £900 a year!

By cooking or making your lunch at home, not only will you save money by buying cheaper ingredients, but you will also find that these are much more filling than what you’re buying from the shop or local deli.

You could also just make double the amount for dinner the night before and take the leftovers as your lunch!


Reduce the number of takeaways you have

The average person spends over £1000 on takeaway every year, which I’m sure you’d agree would look much healthier in your bank account!

Whilst takeaways or eating out are lovely treats from time-to-time, many of us have built them into our weekly schedule and order in at least once per week. The main reason for this is convenience, so try and find new ways to make eating in easier or more convenient for you.

Find some good simple recipes using a limited amount of ingredients or prepare your evening meal first thing on a morning so all you need to do when you get home is warm it up – you’re less likely to order in if your dinner is already made when you get in from work. Pizzas, Chinese food and curries can also easily be made from scratch to similar or better quality then what you would order in.


Cut down on what your spending on food – Start saving coupons!

Whilst it isn’t financially wise to simply base your groceries around what coupons you can find, it is wise to spend a bit of time Googling some of your most used products followed by the word “coupon” before you going shopping.

You will likely find at least a couple of deals or coupons which can simply be printed out and taken with you to be scanned at the checkout – you will also find loads in the free supermarket magazines that you’ll likely find near the checkout.

Another tip is that many supermarkets that offer delivery will offer a great introductory offer to try and hook you in – some offer as much as £20 off your first online shop. If you stick to just being a first-time customer then you can easily make savings with a number of different supermarkets and fill up your cupboards and freezer!


Cut down on what your spending on food


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