Toys from your past and their value today


Toys from your past and their value today

Toys from your past and their value today – what do you think they are worth

Toys from your past and their value today can be quite hard to work out can’t it?

Are you hoarding toys from your Christmas past?

You could be sitting on a small gold mine if you are. My kids tear open boxes play roughly with their toys and generally their toys get well loved and passed on to friends.  I was just the same. Nothing survived my ‘play’ intact. Such a shame though. Toys from the seventies are worth quite a bit these days.


My favourite past toys

My favourite thing to play with as a child were my weebles..I just loved them. We had a little slide they would shoot down. I should have kept them I think my kids would have loved them too.

The Co-op have developed a brilliant interactive tool  to help you figure out what the toys that were in your toy box would be worth today. I tried it on my husband (a child of the seventies) and his toy box would be worth over £625 today if he had looked after them.


It’s really easy to use and very enlightening, you simply select which decade you grew up in and then select which toys you owned to see what they would be worth today.

Do you keep the boxes from your children’s toys with an eye to wards eBay or a distant future when the price may have escalated?

It’s financially smart to do so!

I have to be honest though, on the whole I don’t.  Not very thrifty perhaps but I think there is a lot to be said for children playing with abandon rather than concern for a price tag do you?

Mind you I suppose that does depend on the value of old toys, for a teddy worth 1000’s it may be worth the sacrifice!


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  1. December 20, 2015 / 17:07

    oh my goodness, my Mum has just thrown away our old SIMON game as it needed so many large batteries – and it’s valued at £35! haha

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