Easy Scone Recipe

I just had to share my easy scone recipe (s-gone) I  love their warm home baked, grandma infused smell and the way the butter and jam just ooze if you spread them when the scones are warm. Gorgeous, delightful and a smell of home. Here is how I bake them – simple, easy and speedy quick.


Serves: 6-8 scones
  • 225g self raising flour
  • 50g  butter,
  • pinch salt
  • 125ml milk
  • 25g caster sugar

(Optional: 50g sultanas or other dried fruit)

easy scone recipe

How to make this easy scone recipe:

1. Preheat oven to 220 degrees C/ gas mark 7. Grease a baking
2.Put the flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Add the butter.
3. Using your fingers rub the mixture until it looks like  looks like breadcrumbs.
4. Stir in the sugar.
5. Add the optional dried fruit and mix it in.
6. Add milk to the mixture and bind it all together.
7. Knead the mixture until you have  a firm (ish) dough.
8. Roll out the dough until it is about 2 cms thick.
9. Cut out shapes with a round cookie cutter or small cup rim
10. Put the scones on a baking tray, brush them with milk and cook them for 15 minutes (but keep checking!)
11. Cool and serve with jam and cream.
Gift idea.
Presented on a little vintage plate from a charity shop with a little pot of jam ad some cream this is a lovely gift to take with you on a visit as a thank you for someones hospitality.
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