Five Life Tips for Busy Parents

Being a parent isn’t always easy, no matter how much you love your family. If you constantly find you have little time or energy, here are some tips to help you manage family life and your own life.

Missing calls

When you’re running around after family, it’s easy to miss calls. Often these are just cold callers, but if you don’t recognise the number, you might wonder if a friend or family has changed their number. However, you might be reluctant to call back in case it’s a cold caller or scammer. With UnknownPhone, you can check a phone number. If the number is spam, it’s likely someone else will have reported it, so you can get on with your day without worrying you missed an important call. If it’s not mentioned, it could be a private number, and it might be worth ringing back to see if it’s anyone you know.


Five Life Tips for Busy Parents


Split tasks among everyone in your household

If it feels like you do everything around the home, then go to work, come home and continue where you left off, things need to change. By dividing chores and other tasks among your family, you could feel less stressed and be able to spend quality family time together. This also teaches your children some responsibility and important skills they will need later in life.

Keep a calendar

If you’re constantly missing appointments or having to cancel plans because you forgot, start keeping a calendar and check it every day, and for the week ahead too. This will mean that even if you double book yourself or can’t make it for any other reason, you will know in advance and be able to rearrange or give advance notice, instead of cancelling at the last minute or apologising afterwards for forgetting.

Use the internet

If your to-do list is going to take more time than you have, make use of the internet and cut down on the legwork you need to do. Pay bills or renew insurance policies online. Order shopping from your usual retailer’s websites, and if you don’t have time to stay in waiting for delivery, you can usually collect at a time that is convenient to you.


Five Life Tips for Busy Parents


Get used to saying no sometimes

If you’re still struggling to juggle family with your own personal life and other responsibilities, learn to say no when it’s not convenient for you. It can help to make a list of your top priorities, and if you don’t have time, start saying no to anything which either doesn’t make the list or is much further down. If you constantly agree to everything, you might be making the problem worse, as people will start asking you first whenever they need help, because they think you will say yes.

Juggling family doesn’t have to be stressful all the time By getting your partner and children to help, and keeping track of important commitments, and saying no to anything else, you can make it work.


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