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Are you ready to leave your summer behind? Tackle the coming season with a touch of style!

From puff-sleeved pieces to extra-large outerwear and the evergreen denim: these are some of the most interesting trends for autumn-winter 2019-2020.

Freddy Jeans UK

Whether you love minimalist and essential style or prefer more eccentric and colourful looks, one thing is for sure: jeans will always remain our favourite ally!

How will we wear it in the next few months? And especially what other trends will there be?


Freddy Jeans UK

One Motto: Power to Women

During these seasons, there will be a value that is still remarked and emphasized: The empowerment of women.

Every woman must be able to express herself without hesitation, even through her own wardrobe. The verdict is therefore given to risk-taking, but also and above all to the comfy, lines and fabrics. The concept of “lady-strong” is already being taken up by the military trend in ready-to-wear.

The fashion system has brought character and determination, but also high class, olive green garments or camouflage prints have been proposed for autumn-winter 2019-2020 by big names. Check Freddy UK jeans and find your camouflage shaping pants, trendy and sexy!


Freddy Jeans UK

Puff Sleeves and Femininity

Symbol of elegance and femininity, the puff sleeves come directly from the 80s to make us wear the ultimate in elegance. For those of you who maybe want to wear puff sleeves in everyday life, for afternoon time off, to go to and from the beach, to go to work, here’s what to focus on: simplicity and elegance without losing the casual touch.  Choose light sweaters or striped or basic t-shirts on high-waist jeans or a bodysuit or top for your walks in the city centre.


Our beloved, Comfy, Friend Knitwear.

Knitwear clothing are going to make our winter even more cosy. They are back in a loud voice. Even though knitwear has always represented our life saver especially in those days where you freeze your nose just by looking outside the window, well my dear friend, this is the year where this “blessing” will also make you fashion. From oversized sweaters to midi dresses: designers want us to be dressed in knitwear from head to toe, yay!. Weave your way around with striped patterns, ethnic patterns, animal inserts, geometric and abstract designs to be worn under minimal chic outfits instead of shirts. Pair them with jeans (we’ve warned you that our ally won’t leave our side) and why not wear them with Freddy Jeans UK push up, your oversized sweater with pants that shape your curves and enhance them. The good thing is they are super comfy as well, can this get any better?


A Fancy date on the Horizon?

Next winter we will dispel a cliché: the total white seen only as a prerogative of the summer wardrobes. The interpretation of the feminine tuxedo in white is very chic: you must try it for events with a refined and glamorous dress code. Combine this suit with a ladylike bag: whether they are in maxi or mini version, the ladylike bags will have the spotlight on the whole autumn-winter 2019-2020.


Freddy Jeans UK


White Shirt: The Essential

It is one of those garments that you just can’t give up, a wardrobe essential that can solve any dilemma of style. But the white shirt is also an experimental training ground for designers that can set free their creativity and transform this classic garment into a must have of different styles. You can opt for a very elegant version with voile sleeves, or one with its exasperated volume. Think about a minimal white chemise with a collar: imagine it with a part stuffed it in your high waist jeans, you can play it down easily and in style.


Now that we showed you some ideas, go ahead and try whatever you want, remember: it is your choice and your own personality that you must follow!


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