How to make a Simple Autumn Wreath

Today – How to make a simple Autumn Wreath, an easy tutorial. 


How to make a simple Autumn Wreath



Today I am going to show you how to make a simple autumn wreath

Autumn is here and much as I absolutely adore the sunshine it is Autumn in all her glory that really does make me smile the most. What is not to love about woolly jumpers, hot chocolate, new boots and leaves that suddenly go for from gree to an array of delicious autumnal colours. Autumn nature crafts really are the best 

I could never do an autumn craft without leaves. They have to be the most perfect crafting material and never more so when the Fall things season is upon us.

This week I have kept it super simple and made an Autumn door wreath.

Now I do love crafting projects that take skill and concentration and will happily spend hours absorbed in them. Some times though I do just like to keep it simple.

To celebrate Autumn and bring it into my home I made a wreath and some nature art too.


How to make a simple Autumn Wreath – a tutorial


Materials for how to make a simple autumn wreath

  • A plain wicker wreath
  • Bostik PVA glue
  • A selection of different coloured leaves
  • Some garden string


How to make a simple Autumn Wreath


Method for How to make a Simple Autumn Wreath

This really could not be much simpler. I just smothered Bostik PVA glue liberally over the wreath and arranged my leaves on top. I looped some string around it once the glue had dried and hung it from my front door. It looked great and lasted a couple of days until the leaves curled.


How to make a Simple Autumn Wreath


How to preserve leaves for crafting

If you want to make a wreath that lasts longer than mine then it is a really good idea to preserve your leaves.

In order to do this first, you press your leaves for 12 hours between a book. Next spread newspaper onto your table then cover the top side of your leaves with watered down PVA glue then leave to dry.  Your leaves should be preserved and last really well once placed on your wrath.

You can read more about how to preserve leaves here.


How to create Autumn Art





Again I went out on a lovely walk amidst the autumn leaves and my crafting materials were found at my feet!. I simply came home, stuck them onto the coloured card in pictures and patterns and then displayed. It is as simple and as magical as that.


I love art that is straightforward to create and doesn’t necessarily last. I like that we just have it around for a while.

Autumn is awesome.


I do hope you have enjoyed learning how to make a simple Autum Wreath. Do show me a photo of yours in the comments below if you decide to have a go at making one yourself.


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