A fun way to find the perfect short break for you

Holidays are wonderful aren’t they, a chance to be together explore somewhere new, get a change of scene and relax perhaps.

Planning them can be a right headache though don’t you think?

It can be really tricky figuring out where to go on holidays can’t it. I have sometimes spent night after night wondering where we should go, not wanting to get it wrong and desperate to meet the whole family’s needs.

Ask around and you’ll get many different opinions and go in a travel agents and you can be totally overwhelmed. What you need is some concrete advised based on your needs and wishes and not everyone else. A holiday personal shopper so to speak.

The SuperBreak city holiday inspirator is just the solution.

It is an online web app that asks you for duration you require, family composition and interests and rustles you up the perfect holiday destination. In mere moments too!


 SuperBreak Holiday Inpirator 2

You can choose between Europe or the UK and if you don’t like the final destination you can just have another go.


When I had a go I suggested we wanted a relaxing time, a weekend break, for the family, in the UK. It came up with the lake district and suggested this……

If peace & quiet is what your family needs from their break, The Lakes is the ideal destination. With stunning scenery and endless hidden treasures, you’ll never want to leave.

  • Tour The Lakes on the Ullswater Steamer
  • Discover the marine life at The Lakes Aquarium
  • Take on any of the exciting walks and enjoy the stunning views

I love the Lakes and actually this is an excellent suggestion for a family break.

When I put in our details as a couple again a relaxing weekend but this time as a couple in Europe it suggested Bruges

Whether you’re strolling along the canals or taking a horse-drawn carriage through the historic streets, Bruges offers everything you need for a relaxing romantic break.

  • Indulge at the Bruges Chocolate Museum
  • Wander along Minnewater Lake
  • Visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood

Sounds amazing right?

This app it tailors its suggestions to you and it has really inspired me.

Why don’t you pop over to SuperBreak  and give it a go.



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