Safety First: Preparing Your Car For An Easter Road Trip

This year thousands upon thousands of families are planning an Easter road trip. No matter whether you’re going on a boating trip or a caravanning holiday, you have to consider the essentials you’ll need to take to make sure that your trip is memorable for all of the right reasons. There’s no reason why this should cost the earth too, here are three areas you should focus on to ensure it all runs smoothly:

Preparation is Vital

For an Easter trip like this, you simply cannot plan too much. Any preparation you could put in could save any potential disaster that would either delay your journey or cause it to be postponed/ abandoned. Fortunately, planning in advance and preparing your vehicle doesn’t cost the earth, and can help ensure that you have a trouble-free journey.  Do the essential checks on your car, including water and oil level and paying particular attention to the tyres, adjusting the pressures if you have a heavy load.  Make sure you have a fully-charged mobile and an atlas or sat-nav in case of delays. 

Make Safety the Focus of Your Journey

Safe driving must be the focus of your journey; especially when you consider that you’ll have all of your family with you. As well as overall car safety, you need to take account of the extra weight of a roof rack or roof box if you have fitted one. The car will feel and react differently, so you must take this into account; particularly around sharp bends.

As well as this, you must be aware of external dangers. Research recently conducted by AA cars reveals that 40% of British citizens feel that roads are in ‘a terrible condition’ and, potholes are becoming a major problem. Take this into account and slow the car down on poor quality roads. It may take you longer to get to your destination, but your journey will be much safer.


Use Entertainment to Ease Travel Arguments

Finally, to ease any potential arguments and disruption, make sure your children are well prepared and with plenty to keep them entertained for the lengthy trip ahead. By providing them with games and food you’ll be able to keep their minds off the journey, meaning that you can relax rather than become embroiled in arguments (just remember to charge the batteries). Likewise, if your children are prone to car sickness, be sure to prepare yourselves before setting off, taking any medication with you and allow for plenty of stops.

So, there we have it, three ways you can make sure your car and its passengers are fully prepared for an Easter road trip, enjoy.

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