How to take a 5 minute relax break

Do you need a five minute relax?

Sometimes I just need to chill and escape for m what i am doing on the computer ,,,,rather than reach for the biscuits I have found the most lovely website where with relaxing music playing you can create beautiful images.

You don’t need to browse shopping sites when you down tools for a few moments, you don’t need to eat. You don’t need to consume in anyway. Far better to create.  How about you just get in touch with your inner artist instead?


5 minute relax ideas

This is a lovely way to relax and create for good for the soul. Drawing is not just for children it’s a means of expression we often forget as adults. Try it, I guarantee it will make you feel both rested and inspired.

Or why  not have a really lovely hot shower, or play solitaire on your computer or how about getting someone to give a scrubalicious back scrub. Have look here for a back scrubbers list



Id it is ju your kids who need to relax for 5 minutes why not do an activity from my new book Create Your Own Calm which is packed to the brim with 50 activities to help kids relax and feel less worried, anxious, angry or tense. Loads of ideas for a 5 minute relax


create your own calm


You can read more about Create Your Own Calm here



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