Good quality and Cheap Photo Gifts from Canvas Champ

There is nothing like a precious photograph to touch your heart is there and it is lovely to see reminders of the people,  places or things you love around your home. It’s what makes it a home I think – that personal touch, that record of your unique stories and the people who touch your life.

Canvas Champ take your photos and turn them into the most lovely, meaningful gifts. We were delighted to be offered a couple of samples to review. Here is what we went for.

Canvas print


Cheap Photo Gifts


Earlier this year we lost our children’s beloved GG (Great Grandma) she is very much missed as she was the very loveliest of ladies and we absolutely adored her. My daughter has been desperate to have a beautiful photo of GG and herself for her bedroom and this week we delivered on that with this gorgeous print.

Canvas champ is really very easy to use it is just a matter of uploading your photo – it is very easy to edit and a simple process to decide on your sizing, style of wrap, border colours, etc. I have ordered canvas prints from other sites is this is definitely the smoothest, simplest process I  have used so far.

We plumped for a 20inch by 20inch canvas, a huge size (though you can choose from a wide variety of sizes and prices) and it came in at £31.49 an excellent price for a canvas of this size – wow!

The quality is lovely and we are completely enchanted and impressed with the print we were sent.


Photo Cushions


Good quality and Cheap Photo Gifts from Canvas Champ


Oh these photo cushions are just fabulous, aren’t they?

I was so excited to make one. I have recently had a book published and I thought it would be great fun to make the book design into a little cushion with a graphic of my favourite quote on the back.  Again the process was super simple and I have lots of options in terms of size and colour.

You can browse the personalised photo cushions options here.

The prices are quite astonishing, a 20-inch by 20-inch cushion ( huge!) is £29.oo instead of the usual £120 – amazing!  I chose a diddy one that came in at under £10 – what a sweet thing to have.


Christmas ideas

I have had a play with lots of features over at Canvas Champ and I simply love this bus roll idea. It would make such a lovely wall hanging in my daughter’s room….such an individual and meaningful gift. You can have a play with the bus roll tool here.




Other products

Canvas champ also sell banners, stickable wall prints, acrylic prints, photo blankets, wood engravings and a whole host of other marvellous, personalised, photo products. They also can create mugs for you, lyrics on canvas, photo books and much more. You really could get everyone’s Christmas gift here!

Overall impressions

The pricing is the most competitive I have come across and the quality of these products is excellent. I would not hesitate to order form them again. They offer a complete money back guarantee too if you are not satisfied.



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