How to grow your business in 2013

Many moons ago when I was a teenager I started to paint on glass. I am not an amazing drawer but I am confident and I adore bright blog colours. Glass painting made me happy. At the time it was also extremely popular. Most of my glass I gave away as gifts to families and friends. Some of it was sold via a firned of my dads on a local market.  It never went any further than that really.


Fledgling business es have so mnay more opportunities these days than 25 years ago. The internet is a wonderful thing. A lady I know recently set up aschildminder..she had all her clocal firneds paste her simple ad on their facebook page and she had filled her places with a week.

Other small business use twitter to promote their website and their wares.  artists and crafters can showcase goods on dedicated sites like Etsy and make a good living that way. You can build an online shop with very few overheads and world wide customers…or sell via  Amazon!

Larger business who perhaps don’t need to do it themselves can bring in the professionals. Business’ can hire firms like Total Media an independent media agency which specialises in launching and growing brands – they can manage all online as well as offline content.

Word can spread widely and quickly about business these days. That has to be a good thing. Just think I could have a painted glass  empire by now if all this had been around in my day.

However with such potential comes lots of potential competitors too, so you must have a USP .

Hmmm. Don’t think flowers and hearts painted on wine glasses were ever particularly that unique do you?






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