Half term on a budget

today – Half term on a budget

Hello everyone

Hope you have you had a really good week  – it has been half term here but a very best one. Here are some of the ways we have saved money this half term.


Half term on a budget – how we saved

Board game cafe

We headed out to a board game cafe called The Dice Cup ( for £45 and free for under 12’s try can stay all day and play as many board games as you want to ( and honestly they have 100’s and 100’s) plus the staff are really helpful if you don’t understand the rules!  You can leave and go and eat lunch or come back and you can even eat there is you wish it’s all totally vegan. We stayed for hours and had such a good time.

Half term on a budget

Friends are perfect for a half term on a budget

My kids just love hanging out with friends and I have always found that by making my house really inviting and welcoming that their friends often hang out here. This is probably the most inexpensive way ever of entertaining my kids.



Parks are just great aren’t they? Even at 12 hanging out at the parks with her friends is something my daughter loves to do and they have such a giggle. A great way for a bigger group to get together too without eating ALL the snacks at my house! All you need is a football or skateboard and that’s about it!


Half term on a budget – Netflix

When I way up the cost of going to the cinema Netflix makes sense to me. It means we can have movie night whenever we want too without worrying about the cost.


Watching the white water rafting during our Half term on a budget

I am lucky to live near the national Water Sports centre which has a white water rafting course. We spent a great afternoon watching the kayaks and rafts and had a fun walk around the lake. It would have been perfect for a picnic too but down came the rain.


Half term on a budget


I also received a great new pair of great value designer sunglasses this week from Smart Buy Glasses . I love a bit of luxurt on a budget. They have a great range do take a peek.


So this is how we have had a fun half term on a budget ..how has your week been?


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  1. June 7, 2019 / 08:40

    I’ve never heard of a board game cafe but it sounds really intriguing – a perfect idea for a rainy day out 🙂

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