Have an Orderly Closet with Ease: The Ultimate Guide


Have an Orderly Closet with Ease

An Orderly Closet


Have an Orderly Closet with Ease: The Ultimate Guide

An organized closet is easy to navigate, and you will find everything quickly. To be precise, an orderly clothing storage system makes life easy and fun.

However, before organizing your closet there are a few key players that determine how you do so. The amount of space available, your lifestyle and the wardrobes matter a lot in organizing your closet.


How Can You Organize Your Closet?

Enjoy an orderly closet with the following full-proof steps:


  • Have everything in your closet out – clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Thoroughly clean your closet.
  • Eliminate anything useless from your closet.
  • Organize everything back to your closet properly – be a bit more orderly by trying to put similar items together.
  • Make plans on how you will maintain an organized closet.


Before embarking on arranging your closet. You will need a few vital tools. Let us get there and find out what your perfect closet organization toolkit would look like.

Bags: Strong bags with adequate space are necessary during the closet organization. Put the clothes you wish to dispose in the bags and have them in place.

Spacious Basket: You may find a few items such as cash, receipts, and rubber bands you may not want to lose in your clothing. Place them somewhere to prevent them from getting in your way. Probably, they will be of use in future.

A Full-Size Mirror: Remember the way you look at yourself fitting some pants in the stores? You’ll do so while deciding on which clothes to keep and skip.


Clear and Clean Your Closet

It is time to empty your closet! Well, if you are the kind that shoves clothes into your closet, then you’ll find it rough. Though do it, we are heading towards the better.

Once your space is clear and clean it is now easy for you to visualize how you’re going to have everything in order inside your closet. You are going to have a glimpse of the actual amount of space available.


Declutter Everything – Clothes, Shoes, and any other items.

We are still progressing. Now it is time to focus on what you will keep rather than what you’ll get rid of. Here you do not need to rush. Remember your space and valuable items are not things to compromise on.

If you will ask me, I will advise you to do the following:

Keep what you love, and think is helpful to you.

Donate or sell what you do not need. Remember, they all should be in good shape.

Trash what you find hopelessly irreparable.

If you are not decided on whether to dispose of or keep some items, place them separately. Revisit them later and confidently pick what is fine for you.



Acquire Closet Organizers

Figure out the appropriate closet storage solutions for your space. You may consider different closet systems or opt to install closet organizers.

While purchasing a superb closet system, the phrase ‘cheap is expensive may not work’. Pick something that matches your space, rather than rushing to acquire what is expensive. Again, you do not want to purchase something, only to get home and find out it’s either too small or very wide.


Organize Everything – Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

Now comes the moment you put everything in its place – utilizing the available space and ensuring it’s attractive to you. At this point, you’ve no room to blunder once more. Place different category of clothing in the spots you think it will be easy to reach them.

Shoes and accessories should not be mixed with clothes. However, prioritize items you’ll need often by placing the closer.

Have an Orderly Closet with Ease

Maintain Your Closet’s Order

To maintain an orderly closet, work on organizing it regularly. From time to time, revisit your closet and perform a quick makeover, this will most probably take you a short time. Occasionally, have the full reorganization process done.

Make things easy on your end by having a schedule of when to clean your closet. You may set specific dates to avoid skipping this or procrastinating. At times it’s however advisable to randomly organize your closet for example if you can’t find an important clothes.

Despite your efforts to keep your closet organized, you will notice massive heaps of clothes. So, how do you handle this? There is a simple though somehow ruthless rule that may help, it’s called the “one in, one out”.

Wondering what is this? It is a bit straightforward though.

Let us face it. For every new item, you bring in to your closet, ensure to get rid of another. Let us say you bought a fresh leather jacket, then maybe it is time you let go of your old beach shirt, right! It is that simple and ensures you can manage what you have. That is an expert tip.

A will-organized closet may require some of your cash and time though it is worth it. You do not want to be late for work because a shirt of yours was misplaced. An orderly closet, an orderly life. You can read other blog posts on Sell Property Fast Cash to learn more.


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