The E-Cigarette: Helping the UK Quit Smoking


Today – Helping the UK Quit Smoking

Whatever your opinion on vaping, it’s difficult to deny the positive effect that e-cigarettes have had on many people’s lives. With over half of the UK’s 2.9 million e-cigarette users having given up tobacco completely, it seems that e-cigarettes are here to stay.

Helping the UK Quit Smoking


Unfortunately, e-cigarettes in the UK are still fighting against false claims that they are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) recently published their annual survey on the use of e-cigarettes in the UK, showing that 26% of respondents were of the belief that to vape is equally or more harmful than combustible cigarettes.


Helping the UK Quit Smoking

However, researchers are slowly silencing the critics, as studies from around the world continue to show the reduced health risks that e-cigarettes pose. It seems likely that e-cigarette use in the UK, then, will continue to rise.


Breaking Smokeless Records!

While many of us will still know someone who smokes, across the UK, the percentage of people smoking is lowest it’s been in the 40 years since records began. This is fantastic news; it’s really positive to see how the UK is one of the most successful in Europe at reducing cigarette consumption. The production and consumption of tobacco cause a great deal of damage worldwide, so the sooner we all reduce our tobacco intake, the better!

Another benefit of a reduction in cigarette smokers in the UK is the reduction in cost to the National Health Service (NHS). For many, quitting smoking is an increasingly difficult process and one which older methods haven’t quite managed to succeed at. However, e-cigarettes really are a healthier and cheaper alternative to tobacco smoking.


 How Does an E-Cigarette Help Me?

We’re lucky here in the UK, as e-cigarettes are widely regarded by health professions and anti-smoking groups as an effective method of reducing tobacco consumption. In fact, even the NHS recommends them for anyone trying to give up smoking. The e-cigarette industry in America, for example, has experienced much harsher regulations which have been designed to all but cripple it.

Alongside this approval from reputable bodies, the reason e-cigarettes have been so successful is that they are almost a direct replacement for cigarettes — without the inherent health risks that come with them. The main areas people struggle with when quitting smoking are cravings, breaking daily routines and oral fixation. An e-cigarette actually provides a cleaner alternative that, instead of fighting against these feelings, works alongside them.

Another great feature of using an e-cigarette in the UK is that you have the choice of varying strengths of nicotine. Higher strengths replicate tobacco cigarettes, so this is often where people start. But many vapers like to reduce the nicotine content of their e-liquid, or even use a nicotine-free vape. A nicotine-free vape will still give you all of the best e-liquid flavours, minus the nicotine (duh)!


Why E-Liquids are the Best…

From fresh and fruity flavors, to imitation tobacco, to cheeky dessert treats, there is such a wide and varied selection of e-liquids that you’ll never run out of new flavours to try. This variety is crucial in reducing cravings as you try to quit smoking. It also plays a vital role in combatting the binge eating that so many people experience when they reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. You’ll be far less tempted to reach for that blueberry muffin when you can just vape on your blueberry flavoured e-liquid!

With so much choice over e-liquid, though, how do you know where to start? Here’s a list of the best e-liquid 2017 has to offer. This helpful article includes an introduction to vaping, as well as advice on selecting the best e-liquid for you. Usually, it’s just personal preference, but it’s always good to get some friendly advice first!

So, why not join the rest of the UK’s 2.9 million e-cigarette users? Help yourself to live a life free of tobacco smoke and all the nasty things that come with it by embracing new experiences, flavours and cultures.


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  1. Rossum
    July 16, 2017 / 15:28

    Great post! But one point you missed:

    It’s not just a reduction in cost to the NHS, but also a reduction in cost to the former smoker. I’m in the US. I used to spend around $100 a week on cigarettes. Store-bought e-liquid would cost me $15-20 per week. But since I mix it myself, my cost for the supplies works out to somewhere between one and two dollars per week.

  2. September 18, 2017 / 13:49

    Great article!

  3. January 25, 2018 / 07:22

    This is true. E-cigarette can be a replacement for tobacco cigarette. It is less dangerous, cheap and it comes with different flavors too!

  4. January 31, 2018 / 06:57

    I agree with what you said. E-cigarette is a great tool to quit smoking. It’s harmless although there are claims that. It can also cause some disease; still the benefit of it is high especially to smokers.

  5. August 5, 2018 / 15:59

    i couldn’t agree with you more and their is no doubt about that e-cigarette is the best way to quit smoking and its it is scientifically proven that e-cigarette are less harmful then smoking..

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