5 Signs That You Should Look For a New Job

Signs That You Should Look For a New Job?  Think it might be time to look for a new jo? Not sure if it’s time for you to stay or go? Then read on to discover whether it’s time for you to be looking for a new opportunity.


Signs That You Should Look For a New Job

  • Back to work blues

Do you suffer from the back to work blues? If so, then it might be time to search for a new job. If you dread going to work on Monday morning, you suffer from the Sunday evening blues, or you find those blues kicking in earlier each weekend, then it could well be time for a change.

Signs That You Should Look For a New Job


  • You have more to give

It could be that you’ve been doing your current role for a while now and that you can do it standing on your head. It might also be that you have lots more to give, that you have untapped talents, additional qualifications and skills, that your current job doesn’t utilise. If so, look for something, new find a job that works for you.

  • You’re unappreciated

It could also be that your current employer does not recognise what you have to give. Sometimes, employers having difficulty seeing beyond your day-to-day work, they are busy, they have a lot on their plate, and they simply don’t see the broader picture. Sometimes appraisals can provide the opportunity for you to make your case for a higher salary or more responsibility, but it’s not always the case.

In fact, you may even find that it’s not in your boss’s best interests to recognise your talents or your contribution to the business – then it’s time to up sticks and find somewhere you’ll be appreciated.

  • There’s an unhealthy culture

It could also be that you’ve found yourself in a workplace with an unhealthy culture. It’s a difficult thing to define, but it could simply be that yours is not a happy workplace or not the right place for your talents. It could be that your organisation has a fast turnover of staff, that there is a culture of blame or a long hours culture in which nothing you do is ever enough. If you are going into work earlier and earlier, and it goes unacknowledged, or it’s still not enough to get your work done, then it might be time for a different job.

  • A change of direction   

It might be that a change of job has nothing to do with your current role or organisation, but is all about you. You want to find a job you’ll enjoy or find more fulfilling. You want to use your skills and experience to the full. You want to make a difference to people. If it’s time for a change of job, it’s not always a negative reaction to your current role, but simply about you making a positive change and progressing in your career.

A spring in your step – Signs That You Should Look For a New Job

Feel that one or more of the above may apply to you? Then, put your efforts into finding a new job and if you have an offer, see how it makes you feel. If the thought of the new opportunity puts a spring in your step, then it could well be time to take up the challenge.

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