Homemade Easter Gift Ideas #5frugalthings

Homemade Easter Gift Ideas.

I have been thinking this week about how I can make easter special for my ids – they are going to be missing out on a lot the usual egg hunt at grandads, the usual Easter stuff they would get up to at school. The excitement of being off school ( tis not truly that exciting at the moment is it! lockdown has made school seem very appealing)

So money is tight here, as it is everywhere right now, and I have been searching my archives for gifts I can make for my family to make their Easter a little bit more special.

Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

I love these name stones and they would be fun to create for all the family and use as place names at the table – or we could all have one on our desk


Or how about I make them each a bespoke flower card like this one with their name created out of flowers or EASTER written on

Maybe I could make my daughter a little flower fairy


Homemade Easter Gift Ideas


For the grown ups an easter egg martini sounds fun

easter cocktail


Or how about this homemade chocolate bar recipe


Homemade Easter Gift Ideas


so there you go a bunch of Homemade Easter Gift Ideas  not all completely frugal but definitely from the heart and homemade


How has your thrifty week been?

Hope you are all well and life is good with you.

Be safe everyone.


More Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

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  1. April 3, 2020 / 12:46

    We are doing fairly well, keeping ourselves busy. To be honest, we do worry as we are in the vulnerable group but we have explained to the ‘kids’ (16, 20 and 21) so they only go outside for fresh air ocassionally. Good to see you are keeping the Easter spirit alive in your home. Strange times, but also exciting in a way, lol. Do look after yourself and have a great week ahead.

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