How to Budget for a New Pet

Today –  How to Budget for a New Pet

How to Budget for a New Pet


How to Budget for a New Pet

If your children are constantly bothering you for a new pet, there is no reason that money needs to be an issue. If you know what you will need to pay and what may come up, you can ensure that you have the necessary funds for this. Adopting a new pet into the family home has a range of benefits for both you and the children, including teaching the children how to be responsible for an animal and getting them active with walks if you are considering a dog. Whether you are planning on a cat, dog or something more exotic, here is a few tips on how to budget for a new pet.

Adopting/Purchasing a New Pet

How much you pay for your pet can vary widely, depending on where you are getting them from, their breed, and their age. Buying new pups straight from a breeder is going to cost more than if you got them from a shelter. This is why many families choose to use rehoming centres. Although these will still charge a fee, as the shelter had to provide food and medical care for the dog, it will be considerably less than if you were to buy from a breeder.

If you want to have a look at what kind of fees apply and how you can go about rehoming a dog, check out the RSPCA website. If your children are more interested in another animal, it may not cost as much to purchase. Animals such as hamsters or fish can be much less expensive and may be a good start if you cannot afford or do not want a dog.

Vet Expenses

This is one of the greatest worries many first-time pet owners have before purchasing a pet. Buying from a shelter or buying a pet that has already had their vaccinations and been neutered or spayed means that is one less cost to worry about. If you are going to buy a pup or kitten, you will need to consider how much you will need to put away for your pet to get their necessary medical checks. Sometimes vets can have special vaccination clinics which may cost less; it is always worth checking on the internet to see which vets are cheaper.

Knowing the costs before purchasing your pet means you will be able to budget for this. If it seems like a high amount and you are going to struggle to pay, sit down with the kids for an honest chat. With older kids, talk to them about it and if they really want a pet, ask them to put some money towards the expense. This could be in the form of a birthday or Christmas present or if they have their own job and this is going to be their pet, they can put money towards helping with medical costs. This is a good way to budget and also gives your children lessons on money and what things really cost.

How to Budget for a New Pet – Pet Insurance

This is only optional and, therefore, if it does not come into your budget, you may not want to consider it. If you are worried about an emergency medical expense, pet insurance may be the right avenue to go down. This ensures that in the case of a new condition emerging or your pet needs emergency care, your insurance will cover it as you are paying them monthly or annual insurance fees.

If your pet already has a medical condition, pet insurance will not cover the costs, and this is something to consider before adopting a pet, especially from a shelter. If you are considering a pet and already know the age and breed, you can use price comparison websites to find out how much insurance may cost per year and what would be included. As insurance is coming out monthly, it is easier to budget for this than if something was to happen and you were left with a huge veterinary bill.

Feeding Your Pet

This is one that will be an ongoing expense and, therefore, finding a great food source that is within budget is ideal. Although it may be easier to buy the least expensive food you can get your hands on, it is worth checking what is inside the food and what you should be feeding your pet. Spending a little more and giving them high-quality foods can prevent many health issues in the long run.

If your family is thinking about getting a dog, Fish4Dogs have a range of grain free dog food that is not only great for your dog but is also well within your budget. If you are worried about the ongoing costs of dog food eating into your budget when you purchase from this website you also earn pet points, which can be used to earn money off future purchases. Grain free dog food provides a range of benefits for your new dog such as weight control, joint mobility, and is gentle on a dog’s tummy, which is great if your dog has an intolerance.



One of the best ways to budget for supplies is to buy pre-owned if possible. If you are looking at getting a dog, cat or rabbit, these will all need beds or cages as they grow. This means many pet owners are left with a wide range of different supplies for their pets. Purchasing second-hand pet accessories not only saves you money, but it also helps out others that have a lot of equipment they need rid of. This is also a good thing to consider once your pet is done with their supplies as they grow.

If you are thinking of getting a pet that is already fully grown, you will not need as many supplies, as they should stay around the same size for years to come, especially cats and dogs. If you are unsure of the supplies you will need as a first-time pet owner, whether you are thinking of getting a lizard, cat or guinea pig, search online for advice, as many other people will have wondered the same thing.

Grooming and How to Budget for a New Pet

This is not relevant to all pets but more so if you are getting a dog. This is something to consider before choosing your pet, as those with long or curly coats can be more difficult to maintain and chances are you are not trained to groom them yourself. If grooming your dog is not something you can fit into your monthly budget, choose one that you can bathe yourself.

You will need pet shampoos and possibly a plastic bath to wash them in, but these can be purchased for relatively little from most pet suppliers. Ensure you buy a brand that is right for your pet and if they have any sensitivities, it is best to find one that is hypoallergenic.

Understanding all the hidden costs that come with a pet is the easiest way to know you have the funds to afford one. Incorporating a new pet as a birthday or Christmas present can alleviate some of the stress associated with paying for various pet supplies and if possible, look for second-hand pet supplies.


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