How to decorate a small children’s bedroom

How to decorate a small children’s bedroom – a look at some top tips.

Decorating a child’s room is no mean feat. Often you have to contend with a small space that comes with many expensive options. Despite this, there are some very clever ways to make the most of a small room and give your children a space in which to learn, play and grow.

Vivo Property Buyers have put together their top tips to help you create something wonderful out of a small room and an even smaller budget.


How to decorate a small children's bedroom


How to decorate a small children’s bedroom – Keep it neutral

Whilst you might be eager to adorn the walls with a bright paint because it is your child’s favourite colour, this can be expensive. You should instead opt for a natural colour, firstly because basic paints like whites and creams tend to be cheaper, but also make rooms appear bigger. Not only that, bright colours tend to be difficult to paint over and have a shorter lifespan in terms of your child’s ever changing tastes as they grow up.

You can then use bed sheets, blinds and toys to brighten up a neutral room and add a splash of colour and personality. These can then be changed every few years to keep up with your child’s preferences and needs.


How to decorate a small children's bedroom

How to decorate a small children’s bedroom


Wall Stickers – to decorate a small kids bedroom

If you do want to spice up the walls a bit and make the room more interesting, try out wall stickers. You can also make these educational to help your child to learn and develop, for example, this fun world map from JoJo Maman Bebe or an animal themed alphabet from Decowall.


How to decorate a small children's bedroom

How to decorate a small children’s bedroom


Special paints to decorate a small children’s bedroom

Floor space is limited in a small room which makes it difficult for kids to play in. To combat this, consider painting one wall (or door if you’re really tight on space!) in magnetic paint or chalk paint to create a space saving art wall for all of their creative endeavours.



How to decorate a small children’s bedroom? Consider Frame free print outs

Whilst pictures are a good way to add personality without the permanence, they can be expensive so aren’t always viable when on a budget. However, fear not, there is a much cheaper solution! These days there are many websites where you can print off quality pictures online for free, which can then be added into a cheap frame from Ikea. Hey presto! Beautiful art to add some pizazz to your little ones walls at a fraction of the usual price. Why not try and raise an astronomer with these constellation prints, or help bring a theme to their room with these cute modern prints below.

To make this really work for you, take these to your local printers to print on card; still cheaper than buying prints, but the same high quality – it’s a no brainer.

Raised beds

This one is fairly obvious, but these days there are a multitude of raised bed styles to allow you to fully utilise the space below, either with a desk for homework, as a reading corner or another bed for sleepovers. Noa and Nani offer an extensive range of affordable children’s beds, like this adorable treehouse styled one.


Cabin beds

Cabin beds are an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms, especially ones that are smaller in size. Not only do cabin beds take up minimal space and provide an area to sleep comfortably, but the extra cabin storage beneath can be used for a wide range of items, giving tiny bedrooms some much-needed storage space. Cabin beds come in a variety of fun styles, sizes, and colors that work with many types of decor. There are BedKingdom cabin beds with built-in drawers and compartments that free up additional floor space which may otherwise get taken up with bulky furniture pieces. 


Shelving to  decorate a small children’s bedroom

Get creative with shelves – not only are they good for storing things in a small room with limited floor space, but they can add colour and style to the room.

Etsy has some great sellers who create unique shelves which double up as wall art, for example, this whale shaped one for a budding marine biologist or cloud ones to help your little one drift off every night.

Also, don’t be afraid to put up some picture rail level shelving – this is perfect for storing things they don’t need to reach themselves; from nappies and talc to delicate ornaments and toys they don’t play with any more.


How to decorate a small children’s bedroom with … Rugs

Rugs are so much cheaper than carpeting an entire room and can allow you to add colour as well as pattern. Try something with a repeating design such as this stylish geometric one or opt for something neutral which can adapt to changing styles of your child, for example, this cool star one.

Pick your rug wisely (by avoiding anything too niche, branded or baby targeted) and it could last you a long time.


How to decorate a small children's bedroom

How to decorate a small children’s bedroom


Patterned blinds

Finally, you can also take the same logic for rugs to the windows with fun blinds. Why not pick this modern fox print one or, alternatively, mimic the night sky with this starry option.


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