How to Encourage Birds to Your Garden

How to Encourage Birds to Your Garden

How to Encourage Birds to Your Garden

How to Encourage Birds to Your Garden

There is something very therapeutic about watching birds flutter about your garden, and waking up to the sound of birdsong is possibly one of the most pleasant ways to start the day for many people. Spotting different species of birds in the garden can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, and you might be surprised at just how many different types live in your local area. Try some of these tips if you would like to encourage more feathered visitors to your garden.



The best way to encourage birds into your garden is to provide them with something to eat. Putting out a wide range of food will encourage different species of birds to visit your garden. Good foods include nuts, seeds, dried insects, fat or suet balls and fruit. Ensure bird feeders and tables are situated away from trees and shrubs which could hide predators, as birds will not feed if they feel unsafe. Birds can catch diseases from each other, so make sure that any food areas are kept clean. For a wide range of garden bird supplies, click here to visit Little Peckers, where you can find bird food, feeders, and tables suitable for wild birds.


How to Encourage Birds to Your Garden



Birds need water to drink and clean their feathers in all year round. Providing a bird bath or pond with clean water will encourage them to your garden, even in winter – just keep an eye on the water to ensure it hasn’t frozen over!



To make bird watching even more rewarding, you should provide suitable nesting spots for wild birds. Suitable trees and shrubs for nesting birds tend to be larger and more mature, with plenty of sturdy branches for nest building, and cover which will hide nests from predators such as cats and birds of prey. Thorny plants are also often used for nesting, as they provide added protection from predators.

Another way to encourage nesting birds is to provide nest boxes. Many species can be wary of man-made boxes, but some, such as tits, can be persuaded with the right style and the right position. If the box remains empty, check that it is clean, dry, and out of the reach of predators, or try changing its location. Before each nesting season, ensure that old nests are removed, and the box is cleaned with boiling water to kill any parasites.




Plants and trees that provide food are certain to attract birds to your garden, especially in the winter months. Choose those which provide seeds, berries, or fruit such as hawthorn, teasel, ivy, and honeysuckle. Alternatively, plants and trees such as elder and apple attract insects like aphids, which many birds feed on. Just remember not to use pesticides in your gardening!

Although birdwatching can be extremely rewarding, you should remember that wild animals do not always play by the rules, but if you are willing to put in the effort, your patience is sure to be rewarded


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