How to get out of debt

Today – How to get out of debt

How to get out of debt


How to get out of debt – simple tips

Face the facts

Are you wondering how on earth you got into this situation? Crying? Panicking? Blaming? Worrying? None of this is going to help you get out of debt. Remove the emotion and the ponderings and work out EXACTLY what you owe. It is time to face cold hard facts and then we can deal with the problem. Write this figure down and write down exactly what is owed to who. Then breathe.

There is work to be done. Come on you can do this- it will hugely improve your life and is well worth the effort


Work out what you  can do without

Can you cancel Moshi Monster membership, gym, private tennis lessons for the kids, your weekly Sunday newspaper, a coffee on the way to work each day, that regular charity donation? Of course you can, none of these are necessities. Make a list of all these things and methodically go and cancel the lot out your life. We are going to attack these debts and whilst it is a simple process it is important that you are really proactive

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Work out what you can do Instead

So could you cycle to work or car share instead of driving? Maybe you could lose that second car altogether? Can you have pack up instead of lunch out? Can you camp next summer instead of going abroad? Well of course you can make any of these swaps and you must if you are going to get out of debt. This may not be entirely comfortable but you will soon get used to it and it’s in a very good cause.


How to get out of debt – Work out what is spare

Once you have been ruthless with your outgoings you can list your incomings and and compare the two. Whatever is spare can go to paying off your debt.

That wasn’t so hard now was it?

Debt management plans by pay plan are a great way to help you sort out your debt  and once you have sorted it you need to absolutely retain your new spending habit s and budget, budget, budget so you don’t fall into the debt again.

This is in your capable hands


Over to you  – How to get out of debt

Please share your top tips on how to get out of debt in the comments below.  You might also like my post on how to sort your debt out simply



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