How to Give Your House the Wow Factor on a Budget

How to Give Your House the Wow Factor on a Budget – let’s take a look.

Whether you are revamping your home for yourself or to increase the value of your property, there are several affordable ways of giving your house that extra wow factor without going over budget.

Here are some easy, low-cost ways of sprucing up your home to give it that eye-catch edge that most homeowners wish to achieve in their homes.



Add Colour and Texture

Good interior design is all about layering and finding subtle ways to introduce design elements that will transform a space from nice to “wow!” You can do this by playing with texture and colour. Utilise colour by adding a dramatic accent wall, you can either go with one block colour or add some geometric shapes to inject an artistic element into your space.

Play with texture by adding accessories that compliment your space. Rugs, decorative throw cushions and couch or bedding throws. A simple, bold piece of fabric stretched across a bed or draped over a couch could instantly transform the look and feel of a room.



Statement Art Pieces

Statement art pieces can take a decent-looking room to the next level. Search online for up-and-coming artists or find a local art studio in your area where up-and-coming artists create and showcase their work. Another low-cost way of acquiring art is to search on platforms like Etsy for printable pieces that you can print and frame or print onto canvas and hang in your living room, dining area or bedroom.


Install High-quality Interior Doors

Never underestimate the power of a good-quality door. Interior doors are vital for the overall look and feel of a room. Oak doors are excellent for adding that wow factor, you can buy oak doors online and paint them or modify them to suit your taste.


Pops of Colour

Add delightful pops of colour by adding accessories such as throw pillows and cushions, lamps, candles, clocks, vases and potted plants. You can also add pops of colour by painting your interior doors different colours to compliment each room.


Unique Thrift Store Pieces

The thrift store is probably one of the best places to find unique items that you can’t find anywhere else. Search for interesting ornaments, picture frames, mirrors, a bar trolley, art pieces, rare vinyl and even clothing items like concert t-shirts that can be framed as art.



Get Creative and Restore Something

Restore old chairs and side tables, get creative and make an old item brand new. Take an old wooden chair, sand it down, paint it and create a bold statement piece that will stand out to add a distinctive, vibrant edge to your space.

Adding the wow factor to your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Inject texture and colour by creating accent walls and adding simple and affordable design elements in the form of accessories and art pieces. Head to the thrift store and pick up unique picture frames, mirrors and ornaments that can instantly transform your space. Get creative and make something, this adds a personal, distinctive touch to your home without breaking the bank.




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