How to Invest If you Won the Lottery

I bet you have long thought about what you would BUY if you won the lottery but have you thought about how you would INVEST  if you won the lottery?

I have just read a brilliant article over at Lottoland on how to invest if you win the lottery by my old blogging pal and award-winning finance journalist Kara Gammell and it set me thinking. How to invest if you won the lottery? – it’s a good question and one well worth considering because you know- it could happen to one of us one of these fine days!

How to Invest If you Won the Lottery

Keep it hush

OMG, I would just want to tell absolutely everybody if I won the lottery but Kara advises keeping schtum, as one of the quickest ways to lose it is to give it away. It would be so hard to say no to people if they knew you had a million, wouldn’t it? And I find it hard to keep my mouth shut at the best of times. But saying yes too often or no even once could lose you, friends, in the long run, couldn’t it (and it could lose you a  lot of your newly won money too.)

I do totally agree with kara keeping your lottery win hushed up it does make a lot of sense.


Find an expert quick!

I am not at all investment savvy.

I am a well-practised budgeter and the 2 are by no means the same thing, I know how to save money on grocery shopping, how to make homemade gifts, where to shop around for a great bargain but I no expert at high finance and there no point me asking my friends to help because they aren’t either!

I have just 500 worth of shares and a conservative ISA hence I do not know what to do with a million pounds. I think it is so important I state that and own it and head, with my cash safely stashed in the bank for now. to a well respected well recommended and fully qualified professional financial advisor.

Does this sound boring and predictable?

I care not. What I do care about is keeping hold of and maximising that million!

How to Invest If you Won the Lottery


Do find investments that sit with your values and interests

I love property, travel and supporting small businesses and I would love to invest in these areas. I would be so much more interested and invested in my investments if they were in things that excited me.

Being green and energy-efficient as well as ethical is extremely important to me in everything I do. It would matter a lot for me to share these values with a financial advisor and have them at the heart of any investments I made.

I strongly believe that money and where you spend it is about far more than just the profit you make. 



Final thoughts on How to Invest If you Won the Lottery

Kara says you should think before spending your winnings and I agree but don’t think you should simply on your own. Ask an expert to guide you  – you will be so excited it will be hard to think straight,

So these are my thoughts on winning a million (not that I have.. well I might have I would not be telling you though would I ..or perhaps it is a double bluff?)


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