A Vinyl Record Player and Some Seeds: 5 Cheap Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer

Today – Cheap Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer




Cheap Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer

If you spend all summer living in fear of the kids proclaiming how bored they are – you’re not alone. But armed with a vinyl record player and some seeds, this will soon be a thing of the past.

Boredom was something I used to dread, especially when the weather was so unpredictable and I’d run out of ideas that the kids thought were ‘cool’.

But this year, I’ve spent some time researching and planning to put together a list of fun activities that should hopefully see you through the rest of summer.

  1. Cook and Bake

OK, so this might sound like your worst nightmare, but trust me – the kids will love to get their sleeves rolled up and have a go at cooking and baking their favourite meals.

I’ve found that when they’re involved in the planning from the start (i.e. shopping for the ingredients and choosing a recipe), they’re far more engaged with the task.

Plus, letting them get flour all over the sides and chocolate in their hair tends to be more fun (for them, at least!) – so try to switch off from the chaos and embrace the time together as a family.

  1. Put on a Show

If rain stops play or you need something else to do, why not get the kids to put on a show?

Arm them with things they need and that will make the activity more fun. For example, a vinyl record player adds a fun touch to their music and they can even use this to host their own disco, too! Vinyl is cool again! 

  1. Get Out in the Garden

Buy some vegetable and flower seeds and get digging together in the garden. This is a great way to get them interested in the great outdoors and the food that they’re eating.

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as watching your own produce grow, which makes them far more keen to taste different veggies at mealtimes when they’ve grown them themselves. Again, ask them to pick out some seeds so they feel engaged from the start.

  1. Go on an Adventure

To make sure you and your kids aren’t stuck indoors all day, why not go on an adventure together? Whether it’s in nearby fields, a park or a nature reserve, there are plenty of fun things to do from building dens to playing hide and seek. Just let their imaginations run wild, perhaps making a day of it with a picnic (that features some of their baked goodies, of course!).

  1. Have a Film Day

Now that you’ve run yourselves ragged going on adventures and putting on show-stopping performances, why not get under the duvet for the day and watch some of your favourite films?

This is the perfect way to relax as a family – and is an even better way to enjoy a raining day. Choose a film each, or opt for something new that none of you have seen.

As daunting as the summer holidays may seem, a bit of planning and creativity go a long way to making sure it’s one to remember – for all the right reasons!


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