How to Modernise your Bathroom for Less

Today – How to Modernise your Bathroom for Less

How to Modernise your Bathroom for Less

How to Modernise your Bathroom for Less

If your bathroom is looking a little tired you might be looking to modernise your bathroom for less it and give it a fresh new look. The trouble is that modernising your bathroom can start to get expensive unless you’re careful. The good news is that you can make your bathroom look as good as new without breaking the bank.

Here’s how you can give your bathroom a fresh new look for less:


Update the Fixtures

One relatively easy way to make your bathroom look better is by updating the fixtures. Replace those old taps and handles with some shiny new ones. This can help your sink and any furniture to look a lot different. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing the fixtures. Come of the cheapest taps and handles can and do look really nice. Just make sure they’re good quality as you won’t want to replace them any time soon.

Re-tile your Bathroom

A good way to make your old bathroom look new is to re-tile it. However, you might want to limit how many tiles you use. The more tiles you use, the more expensive it will be. Make sure you remove the old sealant and tiles before working out where your new ones are going to be. Fit your new tiles and don’t forget to add some new sealant so that water stays away from the walls.

Use paint that’s suitable for bathrooms where there aren’t any tiles. A new coat of paint can also work wonders and brighten up your bathroom.


Change your flooring to miodernise your bathroom for less

Another way to make your bathroom look fresh and new is to put down some new lino. Make sure you buy a little more lino than you need so you can cut it down to the right size. Something else that you need to be weary of is the size of the lino’s pattern. Lino with a smaller pattern is ideal for smaller bathrooms. If you have a large bathroom, the pattern in the lino can be much bigger. If you use large-patterned lino in a small bathroom it will make the room look too small.


Re-paint your Bathroom Furniture

You might want to replace your bathroom furniture if it’s looking a little worse for wear. However, have you considered painting it? That bathroom cabinet could look as good as new after a new coat of paint. If you’re also planning to replace the door knob you might want to paint the cabinet first.


Working with the Windows

Don’t neglect your bathroom window when you’re modernising it. Consider painting the window frame if it’s looking a little tired. You might also want to think about buying a new blind. A fresh new blind can make a lot of difference to the bathroom. Just make sure the colour of the blind matches or complements the colour scheme.

As you can see, you can modernise your bathroom without spending too much money. Use the above tips to modernise your bathroom for less help you breathe new life into one of the most important rooms in your home.

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