Back-to-school items that are sure to come in handy

Back-to-school items that are sure to come in handyBack-to-school items that are sure to come in handy




While many parents love it when the school holidays are over and they can take a break from keeping their little ones entertained, others still get a bit emotional (read my back to school tips for support) when the school runs have to start again! No matter which camp you fall into, however, nothing says “back to school” quite like shopping for school supplies!



Back-to-school items that are sure to come in handy

So, as the first day of school nears, consider one or all of the following ideas for your kids!


Fun, healthy snacks

A lot of kids will never believe that a snack could somehow be both “tasty” and “healthy”, but it often comes down to presentation and how easy it is for kids to eat. For example, an apple cut up into slices looks more appealing and is simpler to munch on than an apple that’s still whole and round. Obesity in schools is a real thing and isn’t going away soon, which is why it’s incredibly important to get kids interested in healthy snacks early on.

Make sure their lunchboxes are full of delicious, nutritious snacks that kids will love! These can include pieces of cheese, yoghurt tubs, the aforementioned apple slices, carrot slices (especially with a hummus dip), blueberries, sultanas, a granola bar, wraps with turkey, lettuce, and cheese, cherry tomatoes, grapes, and even hard-boiled eggs cut in half. Forget sugary and fatty foods that are full of preservatives and artificial colours and flavours, and instead try harder to get kids into natural, healthy foods. The easier and smaller these foods are to eat, the more likely kids are to actually finish them! See here for more great lunch ideas.



Printer ink and paper

No, of course your kids won’t be taking these things to school! With so much homework being done on computers and laptops these days, the need to print out documents is more necessary than ever. When the holidays are on, it’s easy to forget just how often they’ll need to print, but once they get home from school and need to print out this essay or that picture for an assignment, you’ll quickly remember how fast the printer ink and paper goes down!

Head out to your nearest WHSmith or even Paperchase, and while you’re stocking up on pens, coloured pencils, pencil cases, and all the typical stationery a school kid will need (and probably lose in the first week), pick up some extra printer paper as well. However, save the printer ink shopping for online, as the prices are far cheaper and the range is way more comprehensive. Check out this site for your printer model and you’re bound to find affordable deals on ink cartridges.


3-ring binder

Crumpled sheets at the bottom of a school bag sound familiar? Your kids will definitely benefit from a 3-ring binder with dividers. As schools contain so many different subjects nowadays, separating all the documents from each other is pretty vital to avoid confusion. If kids can begin to store all the important stuff in their 3-ring binder and bring it home every night, you won’t have to worry about ripped up sheets or their maths homework getting mixed in with their English homework!




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