How to Pack a Pencil Case Guide

 Professional Organiser Dilly Carter Shares her Exclusive Top Tips on How to Pack a Pencil case – and they are getting us  excited about back to school! 

As back to school approaches and Google searches for ‘How to pack a ‘pencil case for school’ have simply shot up in the last  30 days, so stationery experts Ryman have teamed up with professional organiser, Dilly Carter to share expert advice, tips and hints to make that back to school prep a little easier.

 I love stationery and back to school bits and bobs don’t you! 

From types and colours of pen and pencils, to scientific and non-scientific calculators, protractors, back to school bundles, highlighters and rulers… Dilly’s advice will help the nation pack the perfect, fully-equipped and cost-effective pencil case.

 Are you ready?


How to Pack a Pencil Case Guide

How to Pack a Pencil Case Guide

Dilly says; “The back-to-school period can be one of the most hectic times of the year  ( you aren’t wrong there Dilly!) – trying to get everything organised so the kids’ return in September goes smoothly takes a lot of coordination! From restocking essentials or investing in first time stationery bundles, to getting uniforms clean and ironed, and unlearning summer holiday sleeping habits – it’s a lot to manage for anyone!   So, to help manage at least one thing on the list, I’ve put together some top tips and tricks to make sure everything is sorted for that first day back – which should hopefully help to ease the nerves of the whole household, students and parents alike. 


Here are her top tips. I know they will be useful!  

Tip 1. Pack It Up, Pack It In

The first – and most obvious – principle of a well-organised pencil case is to make sure it’s actually big enough to accommodate your essentials. Don’t scrimp on the aesthetic though, you can have something big and beautiful! The right storage makes organising much easier. Whether you prefer one large pocket, or several organisers to split your stationery between, make sure your pencil case is physically capable of holding everything you need!

Group your pens, pencils and highlighters using elastic bands. (I’ve even used Nelly’s loom bands before – but hair bands would work perfectly too!) Having your tools sorted by genre makes it much easier to grab what you need when you reach into your case. Separate items you don’t use as regularly, like rulers and sharpeners, so they’re not cluttering up your case unnecessarily.


Tip 2. Substance and Style

I’m a devotee of clear organisers – it’s the quickest and easiest way to see what you’ve got, and saves rooting around for ages trying to locate your favourite bits.

But, you don’t always have to go for the purely practical option – add some personalisation to the pencil case or a pop of colour to your desk and brighten dreary classrooms with a capsule collection of fun stationery.

Tip 3. A Little Goes A Long Way

Now more than ever, keeping an eye on your finances is really important. Save on essential back to school supplies by shopping savvy with Ryman. Go for Helix’s Ultimate School Set, now better than half price, to restock classroom basics and/or opt for a Compact Maths Set that fits into its own neat case and contains everything you’ll need to smash algebra!

I like to keep my spares in a separate organiser, ready to top up my main pencil case when I need to. I don’t take brand new items out of the packaging until I’m actually ready to use them – so I know I’m not letting older pens dry up and can avoid any potential waste.  (Love this great budgeting tip from Dilly!) 


How to Pack a Pencil Case Guide


Tip 4. Curate the Case

The most-used items of your pencil case will change throughout the year – so make sure you’re rotating the contents as and when you need to. For instance, if you’ve no use for the awkward protractor taking up space, take it out until you’ll next use it – be smart with your contents to maximise space

If you’re embarking on a big revision session, make sure you pop in your favourite colour-coding pens. In fact, Ryman’s Revision Bundle includes everything you’ll need to fully stock your pencil case for the exam period.


How to Pack a Pencil Case Guide


Tip 5. Take Two

If you have lots of different styles of pens or pencils, consider splitting them up between a couple of cases or organisers. You might want one case for colouring pencils and fine liners, and another for the basics like pens, rubbers and rulers.You can even use acrylic drawer style organisers for your desk at home to organise all your different bits, to achieve a really aesthetically-pleasing work environment.

Shop smart this summer and get a fabulous pencil case full of supplies in time for September! Ryman’s better than half price deals and exclusive bundles mean you can save on all your back to school essentials, from pens, pencils, planners, notebooks, calculators and everything else you could possibly need to nail the Autumn term and beyond.





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