How to reinforce what your child learns at school

How to reinforce what your child learns at school

So sadly the summer holidays have run their course and it’s time to head back to school.

That month and a half off can really be beneficial in so many ways, creatively, physically and socially but educationally? Well it can impact quite negatively and can take a little while for kids to catch up again.

After a summer of fun I know the very last thing my kids want to do is buckle down and work hard but it is so important to keep up. To ease them back into school life I have been encouraging them to spend 15 minutes a day on Education Quizzes

Education Quizzes is a wonderfully interactive website full of quizzes around the school curriculum for kids to complete covering KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE. Kids love doing quizzes and these are both straightforward and fun whilst being hugely helpful at reinforcing the curriculum.



Why quizzes work

The quizzes are written by teacher and they enable learning to be both speedy and effective. After every question you are instantly told whether you answered correctly rather having to wait and go back later,  Helpful hints and explanations are also given to clarify the right answers.

Kids feel great when they get a good score and learn something new and important when they don’t. I think quizzes are a great teaching tool.

A fully rounded education

My daughter is just going into year 5 so we have been looking at the KS2 quizzes This morning she had had a quick go at an art and design quiz. She got a few right and more wrong, but oh I  feel she learnt so much doing it and it even prompted us to look up some of the artists.

I love that the quizzes are not restricted to just English and Maths but cover RE, PE, art, science  and indeed the full curriculum. It is useful for me to know what she is/should be learning and the level she should be at so it is great for me to take a look at some of these quizzes with her.



What I like most about this is that your child can just dip in and do 10 minutes of structured and relevant learning in a fun, clear and dynamic way. No guessing which book to buy or having to cajole them. Instead you are just encouraging 10-15 minutes on the computer (which they all love) and a speedy session on a relevant subject to see how they are doing and increase their learning.

We are an active family often out and about after school. Being able to pull out my ipad and enable my son to do a quick quiz whilst my daughter finishes a tennis lesson or vice versa is really useful (and much easier than carting work books about.)


Neither of my children have exams this year but it is important to me they keep up and checking out they are on track. For children who do have revision to do Educatuion Quizzes is a fabulous resource too and enables them to really test how their revision is going and fill in any gaps.


Tutors are expensive. I cannot tutor my kids in lots of areas  because either I have forgotten how to do things or they have changed. For just £9.95 per month Education Quizzes can act as tutor to all your kids. For that price you have access to all the quizzes so all your children can use it under the one account. Now that is a great deal cheap than tutoring! (and you can cancel at any time.)

Nature Lovers

There is also a  lovely Nature Lovers blog on Education Quizzes that my daughter loves to read. It is informative, interesting and written in a really child centred way. Another great reason to get them n the site! Which kids doesn’t wanted to know the  top ten most dangerous animals to humans!




I highly recommend Education Quizzes as a really great value, fun and useful educational resource to back up a child’s learning.





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