How to stop snoring

As part of my personal makeover/wellbeing project I wanted to tackle the snoring in our house.

Recently I have been snoring regularly.

This seems to make me wake up with a dry mouth and in need of a drink quite frequently during the night. It also annoys my other half. No that he doesn’t snore himself. I have tried all sorts to get him to stop ..matching my breathing to his then making it quieter, digging him hard in the ribs, shouting at him! None if it has worked too well. I was continually wondering how to stop snoring.

Well recently I was sent the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring.

Check it out…

such a simple wear a little ting on your finger sand the snoring stops!

It is easy to wear and apply to the little “pinky” finger. It is non invasive, has no side effects and there no drugs to take.

It works by accupressure the ancient Chinese practice dated from 3,000 BC, which is all about  treating a number of ailments by applying pressure (with the index finger or thumb) on specific points on the body.


It doesn’t work for everyone apparently as there are so many varied reasons for snoring so they offer a no quibble money back guarantee.

It DID work for me.

According to my hubby apparently I’m still a bit snuffly ( I do still have a cold) but apparently my breathing is MUCH quieter now…hurray! Its such a simple solution has tons of great reviews

Now to convince him to wear one and we can both have quieter nights.


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