How to survive the summer holidays whatever the weather.

Normally before the school summer holidays I think about how to survive the summer holidays and I do lots of preparation. I change batteries in toys, I declutter toys, I replace felt tips and stock the craft cupboard. I book in play dates, check around for what on locally and book a few events.

This year I did precisely NOTHING. We were having our bedroom decorated and we spent the first week of the holidays well on a holiday so my prep stuff did not get done, I need to remedy that and fast or I will be chasing my tail for the rest of the holidays. Here are thing I know I have to prepare for…

Being sun safe

I need to ensure that by my back door is a basket filled with essentials for going out . It needs to have sun hats and suncream. I tend to pop aqua shoes in there too so they don’t skid around the paddling pool  or hurt their feet.

Rainy days

I make sure I have wellies and rain macs fit for rainy days (you can’t stay in ALL day) I also make sure I have  stuff to cook with, stuff to craft with and a big pile of library books to hand should they be needed.

Expect the odd cloudy day

Some days things just don’t go to plan though whatever the weather. Perhaps the  kids are grumpy or out of sorts (or their parents are) well on those days my advice would be have a secret funny DVD up your sleeve and a bag of pop corn and chill out for a bit. Sometimes when the kids are off school we try to cram in so much fun we forget to relax.


rain, survive the summer holidays


Have fun!




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