Get The Best From Your Family Car and Save Hundreds

Get The Best From Your Family Car and Save Hundreds – simple tips

Government spending cuts mean thousands of us across the country are having to tighten our belts. Owning and maintaining a car can be one of our biggest expenses, especially since it costs so much to fill up at the pumps these days, so any way to cut costs is welcome.

AA research shows fewer people are planning on buying a car this year and so car leasing seems a sensible consideration.

Frontier Car Leasinghas a huge range of models available at the click of the mouse; some are prestige cars, others suit the more modest budget or family home. You can fix your length of lease so you’re not stuck with a depreciating car for years and know exactly what you’re going to have to pay upfront so you can budget better. Another massive bonus is the fact that monthly payments are usually lower than when you buy a car on finance.



Here are a few other ways to cut costs where your car’s concerned:

Cut Fuel Costs

A tank of petrol now costs a small fortune with the UK consistently appearing in the top ten most expensive places in the world to fill up your car. There are small ways you can cut costs though. Keeping your tyres at their correct pressure maximises performance and being careful with using your air conditioning helps as blowing cold air drains fuel much faster.


Models which run on diesel are often found to be more economical so it’s worth considering switching fuel types if you do lots of long journeys or family holidays.

Look After It

A new car starts to depreciate in value the second it’s driven off the garage forecourt so do your bit to help it hold its value. Even if you’re leasing, it pays to look after a car so you don’t have to spend so much on maintenance. It’s worth having it serviced regularly so you can address problems as early as possible.

Shop Around

You can shop around for the best cars at the best prices, with Frontier providing Mercedes lease car special offers. But remember to also shop around for your car insurance so don’t just accept the quote you’re given with your renewal notice.

In small ways, you can make big savings and help keep your car on the road for years longer.  And when the going’s good, you can update your model!


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